Beinspired by yoga in Guernsey

Beinspired run yoga classes in Guernsey, Channel Islands. I am truly passionate about the transformative, energising and healing properties of yoga, Reiki, meditation and nature-based activities, they just make us feel better somehow; more connected to ourselves, to each other and to the world as a whole. Essentially they help our heart to lighten and our spirit to shine – and this is what Beinspired is all about – so please check out the site, see what we have to offer and give it a try for yourself. Emma x

Core Awakening - New FREE home yoga practice video (35 mins)

The ancient scriptures say that our navel centre is the seat of transformation and our experience certainly validates this. So drop into this space, moving from it with a new found awareness that may just be a teensy weensy bit life changing, and it may strengthen your core too!The video is 35 minutes in duration and not suitable for pregnant ladies.

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