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Introduction to Dowsing Course


Anyone can learn to dowse. Come and give it a go! Online booking required.

The course will cover:

* How and why pendulum dowsing is an incredibly effective way of tapping into one's subconscious and developing one's intuition
* How to best ask the right dowsing questions
* Alternative methods of dowsing by using tools other than a pendulum

Dowsing can be carried out for many reasons:

* Chakra/aura balancing;
* Health/homeopathic diagnosis;
* Reiki healing; 
* Crystal healing;
* To find water, minerals, energy lines, treasure, lost possessions;
* For enlightenment;
* Feng Shui; 
* In archaeology; 
* In agriculture
and more!

Please come with an open mind. You are welcome to bring your own pendulum if you wish.
No prior knowledge nor experience required.

Minimum age: 12
Where: St. Martin's Community Centre
Course Leader: Yolande Ifold (Reiki Master)
Course fee: £35 (all participants will receive a Rose Quartz pendulum and a certificate of completion).
Do I need to book? Yes please book here.

Later Event: 22 April
Easter Monday Yoga