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New Year's Day Yoga - Setting your intention(s) for 2018

“Everything that happens in the Universe starts with Intention” - Deepak Chopra

VENUE: St Martins Community (downstairs)

COST: £11 for adults, £6 for students or usual voucher system applies.

In the Indian tradition it is said that what you do on the first day of the year sets the tone for the new year. So what better way to begin 2018 and set your CLEAR INTENTION for the year ahead than by getting on your mat and PRACTISING YOGA (ditch the resolutions, they don’t work and merely make you feel bad about yourself!).

Together we will CELEBRATE the NEW YEAR with an active and energising yoga practice, linking breath with movement so that we can clear our the old and create more space for the new. We will finish with a short and yet powerfully transformative Yoga Nidra where you may truly plant your seed of intention for the year ahead.

At the end of the class, you are invited to join Emma as you privately write down your intention(s) for 2018 on a piece of paper and seal this in an envelope which Emma will retain and send to you at the end of 2018 – there is power and magic in clear intention!

Drop-in, all welcome, please bring a blanket for relaxation.