Mabon - the Autumn Equinox and the balance of light


It is the Autumn equinox tomorrow, 23 September.

In the Wicca calender the Autumnal Equinox is known as Mabon. Like the Spring Equinox, we have a time of equal day and equal night, although after this night the days grow shorter and the sun begins to wane in power.

This festival is also known as the Harvest Home as it makes the end of the agricultural year. By now all the crops have been gathered and harvested for the winter months ahead. It is a time to get stuck into the chutneys with that glut of tomatoes and all those other wonderful autumnal vegetables - our fridge is full of aubergines, courgettes, beans, courgettes and tomatoes at the moment and I recently made a batch of chili jam with my Mum - yummy!

So Harvest Home also incorporates the leaves turning colour, the birds migrating (all the swifts have now left the lane near our house, up high by the airport, where they spent the summer swiftly flying above the rising heat from the road chasing all the bugs that filled the warm air, the berries appearing on the trees (we are seriously in for a cold winter with all those berries out there), corn harvesting 9there is still some corn in the fields up by the airport so all is not lost yet!) and bonfires...

I have to say that I felt very autumnal today. There was that smell in the air and the light is really rather special so that the seagulls resting on the rocks down at Vazon this afternoon looked really rather special. The clouds looked incredible too, mind blowing in fact, especially over Lihou Island. The heathers are all out and the seagulls were all sitting on the rocks down at Vazon making quite a contrast for the eye. I love Autumn, everything just has a different energy to it.

So the purpose of celebrating the Autumnal Equinox is twofold. First to give thanks for our blessings and achievements but also to project for the ability to maintain that which we possess. It does no good to manifest a goal if you cannot hold on to it. So we give thanks for what we have received, and request for the ability to keep what we have created. Technically this is a time to give thanks for all the blessings you have received throughout the year.

I was sent a link to a wonderful summary of the autumnal equinox and its impact on us. As far as I can see it is all about letting go, stepping into our balanced and creative (and indeed feminine) power and allowing our own inner transformation. Change the mindset. Let go of behaviour patterns that no longer serve you. Embrace grace. Dance joyfully and take time to smell the roses.

Happy Mabon!!
Ross DespresComment