It is harvesting time!!

The day of the Autumn Equinox (Friday) was simply stunning, the sun was shining brightly and it felt more like Summer than Autumn. I was fortunate to have a few free hours in the afternoon and decided to make the most of the weather and the Equinox and head out to Pleinmont and walk down to the fairy ring to give my thanks.

I haven't been to Pleinmont for some time and I was absolutely blown away not only by the views, as stunning as ever, but by the number of blackberries. I was in blackberry heaven and couldn't resist picking away! I don't know what it is, but I simply can't resist, I just love it.

Anyhow the fairy ring was as inspiring as ever. Again I don't know what it is, but I love sitting there taking it all in, the swell on the rocks, the Hanois, the pretty wildflowers, the clouds overhead, the whispering sound of the sea and the cry of the seagulls, let alone the energy of the fairy ring itself. You have to love it.

On Saturday I was blessed with 3 wonderful souls for a Level 2 Reiki attunement session. I thoroughly enjoyed the session, it is so refreshing to get the opportunity to spend time with 3 like minded women talking about all sorts of things and sharing my love of Reiki with them. Thank you ladies, may you continue to shine your light and open your hearts.

Today has been so warm for Autumn! I had to water the greenhouse for my parents and found it all a little challenging this afternoon, the sun was intense through the panes. It is so calming in there though, and I have this fascination with the tomato plants - I don't know whether it is their shiny and waxy skin, the contrast in colours or the aroma, but I just think they look amazing. It seems a shame to pick them!

In fact there was lots of to pick today. Not only the tomatoes but also some beans, mange tout, aubergines, peppers, courgettes (how does one make a courgette tasty????), asparagus (now this one blows my mind, this is totally out of season and I haven't even been watering the beds!), raspberries, strawberries and beans. My fridge is packed full of fresh veggies!

I managed a swim in the sea this afternoon, high tide at Petit Bot. It was the warmest it has been all year, I wasn't cold in the slightest, going in or coming out, amazing, I just wish it could stay like that all winter!

So now I am sitting here on the sofa, rather exhausted by all the activity of this weekend - when will I learn!!

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