Changes in season and getting away from it all!

So, after finishing my contract in the office on Friday, I decided to treat us both to a trip to London to celebrate. One of my best friend's is moving from London to New York to work and I wanted to catch her before she left. One of Ewan's best friend's is, fingers crossed, about to sell his flat soon, so in many respects it is the end of an era for all of us, there have been so many happy times and memories in both our friend's flats in London.

It was a fantastic weekend, really easy going, lots and lots of walking so that my feet are covered in blisters - although that could have been from wearing high heels and dancing for hours one evening (!)- a night out in town visiting the free festival in Brick Lane and supporting a "trees for cities" event somewhere else along the way, going to a couple of Yoga classes at TriYoga in Primrose Hill and the new studio in Chelsea - we went to a particularly inspiring class on Saturday, Anusara-Inspired, and thankfully E loved the experience.

Anyhow so here I am back on Guernsey, the weather is not so good, lots of rain and drizzle, but not to worry, I have a few precious days to myself to catch up from the last few months before I begin as company secretary with Spearpoint Limited again and start to replenish the travel fund - there is a whole world out there, and so much Yoga to experience!

In the meantime there is so much to celebrate - Mabon and the Autumn Equinox is approaching on Friday and Autumn is certainly upon us again. A friend sent me a link
to this week's astrology forecast, which makes for an interesting read...

More soon.

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