Beautiful Guernsey

Wow, how beautiful is Guernsey these days?! There are daffodils everywhere, it is like some surreal wonderland - well it is after living in a city for 5 weeks and then you come back here and there are flowers growing all over the place!

I went for a long walk on the cliffs with my parents last weekend and it was stunning; lots of primroses, yet more daffodils, and lots of pretty little purple flowers. To say nothing, of course, of the stunning views of the waves breaking onto the bright granite rocks below and the sounds of the seagulls and smell of the sea air.

The weather has not been brilliant this week - fog, damp, rain and now cold - but there have been glimpses of the sun and with that summer ahead. I went Nordic walking with the group on a sunny afternoon through the lanes around L'Eree and it made me feel that I wasn't in Guernsey at all - I mean the landscape was the same, all green and yellow and full of violets too, but there were no cars and no noise, no other people, sheer bliss, if only I could live down there myself, such a joy if one craves silence and anonymity.

Still, Guernsey is not so bad, I amanged a swim in the sea the other lunchtime. My gosh it is cold, really, really cold, but Chris was going in and so I figured I should join her and give it a try. We were in for 5 whole minutes and actually properly swam...made me feel great afterwards, but I could not warm up the rest of the day - I was totally chilled to the bone! I am in awe of Chris and her friends who go in every day of the year!

I am in awe of the Talbot Valley at the moment - there are sheep in the fields and they remind me of Nepal - that whole Spring time thing. It is quite an idyllic scene.

I started teaching again this week and am thoroughly enjoying the classes and seeing everyone again. Having attended classes in Vancouver and New York, I am now very aware how cold and dated St Peter's appears. I am keen to find somewhere more central and warmer to teach, but it is so difficult to find such a place over here. if anyone is reading this and knows of anywhere, then please let me know as I am open to suggestions.

We are off to Herm tomorrow for the Yoga & Wellbeing retreat - I am hoping the sun will be shining, but regardless it should be a lovely weekend of Yoga and relaxation...a perfect way to embrace the Full Moon tomorrow night and the Spring Equinox on Monday, all rather exciting, I absolutely love this time of year with all its new beginnings and hope for the future.

Anyhow time to get to bed, early start tomorrow.
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