Yoga and Wellbeing retreat on Herm in the sunshine!

Wow, how lucky were we for the Yoga & Wellbeing retreat in Herm last weekend? It was absolutely stunning, incredible sunshine, a massive full moon, extreme tides, the Spring equinox and a wonderful group of participants.

We practised lots of Yoga in the conservatory of the White House Hotel with lovely views of the sea and Guernsey in the background - both flowing classes in the mornings and a gentle class to restore on the Saturday evening. We breathed and sat in silence, enjoying the sounds of the sea and the singing of the birds and we lay and relaxed and let go in Yoga Nidra.

My Mum offered participants the option of some led walks around and through the Island, Hayley offered her wonderful massage, Christine her lovely reflexology, Michelle her inspiring life coaching and there was Reiki on offer from me too.

We ate nourishing vegetarian food in the Mermaid where we had the opportunity to chat to one another, and a few glasses of wine were drank by some in the evening before a hardy bunch followed Michelle's lead with some 5 rhythms dancing in the Conservatory, while others of us got a much needed early night.

I was awake super early on the Sunday and made the most of the stillness and indeed the super high tide to take a quick dip in the sea - very quick as I find it rather disconcerting swimming on my own these days! I was able to fit in a practice on my own in the conservatory before the first session of the day, and this was fairly special, having that space and the views all to myself for an hour.

I know I am not alone in arriving back in Guernsey feeling as if I had been away for a week rather than one night - energised, rested and inspired. Needless to say I can't wait to do it all over again in November - we'll just have to hope the weather is as kind then too!

Thank you to everyone who made this retreat so special and thank you, particularly to Hayley, Christine and Michelle for facilitating and, especially, to my Mum for all her incredible organising, so much appreciated.

Om Namah Shivaya. xxx
Ross DespresComment