Going with the flow in New York

New York is an incredible city. We had an amazing time, so much fun. We didn't take a guidebook, nor have a plan so we just went with the flow - lots and lots and lots of walking, from one end of Manhattan to the other, lots of spontaneity and random encounters. Lovely Italian food.

A bit of sight seeing - the World Trade Centre was well worth the emotional energy, not so the time spent visiting the Statue of Liberty in freezing cold winds with all the queuing. Lovely diamonds in Tiffany's, amazing sensory overload at Times Square, albeit it a tourist honeypot, market at Union Square, chancing a dance in a gay club, good vibe pubs around Washington Square and cool hippy shops, lovely night views of the city from Brooklyn, a black squirrel in Central Park and all those mad people running in the bitterly cold conditions.

Wonderfully uplifting and energising classes at Om Yoga on Broadway off Union Square, the fantastic 8 mile bookshop called The Strand, night-time wanderings around the Meatmarket District, lots of fast walking in the cold rain, enjoying the ease of the subway and the friendly people, live music, wonderful coffee shops, modern art at the Guggenheim museum.

Hilarious tour guides on the bus loops (it was only us who were humoured by their sarcasm, which made it even funnier), witnessing a girl getting hit by a taxi and Ewan being a good citizen and forgoing his coat in the process, bagels for breakfast and fruit smoothies, a man who claimed to be trisexual (go figure), ...and on and on, so much fun, so much diversity, so many good experiences and fond memories.
Ross DespresComment