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A Morning of Yoni Yoga

A morning of Yoni Yoga – a joyful coming home to yourself!

For all women…a woman only morning of Yoni Yoga full of love and joy to nurture and nourish you from the inside out. Together we will join in circle to celebrate the energy of the creative and sacred Goddess within, honouring the living intelligence of the body, and encouraging you to come closer to the wonderfully intuitive voice of your own heart’s wisdom. Listen! She’s calling you home!

Yoni yoga is a deliciously nourishing, empowering, nurturing and revitalising approach to yoga for women of all ages and stages of life whether maidens, mothers, enchantresses or crones. This transformational practice provides us with the opportunity to embody a move from contraction to expansion to help illuminate and wake up to our own inner wisdom, feminine intuition, creativity and wellbeing.

The practice itself will be soft, flowing and gentle incorporating various Tantric yogic techniques including postures, breathing exercises, mudra (gestures), yoga nidra (deep rest), sound, and meditation.

This session is suitable for all ladies regardless of stage of life or experience of yoga.

VENUE: St Martin’s Community Centre

COST: £30 per student

WHAT TO BRING: A yoga mat, at least one blanket and warm socks and jumper

Maximum 30 women - click here to book your space.