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Goddesses at Ease: Gentle Yoga to Support the Sacred Feminine During the Changing Season

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The Autumnal Equinox is soon upon us, preparing us for a change in the earth’s energy as we transition into the winter season. This is the beginning of root energy and brings with it rest, re-charge and renewal. It is a time to slow down and go within, re-entering the dark womb of the spiritual world to welcome your awakening intuitive, creative and feminine energy. Ask for guidance; be open to a change in focus, or a change in direction in your life. State your intent to connect to your inner wisdom and to follow your spiritual path, embracing your feminine power and manifesting the goodness of your spirit in all you do.

Join Emma to embody all this as we enjoy a beautifully slow and feminine asana (posture) flow, moving from contraction to expansion to help illuminate and wake up to our inner wisdom, before enjoying the gift of deep rest through Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation).  This will be a truly nourishing, nurturing and inspiring session providing women of all ages with an opportunity to connect more deeply with their natural cycles and all that this reveals, so that they may own their feminine power and trust more fully in their intuition, their inner guide, to make positive choices/changes in their lives leading to greater wellbeing, empowerment and fulfilment.

Taking place at St Martins Parish Hall (opposite community centre). All women welcome, yoga suitable for all levels of ability. Please bring a mat, at least one blanket and at least one comfy pillow. £24 each, 24 spaces available. All spaces are now filled.

Why are women practicing yoga in such numbers? There are so many good reasons that it is hard to know where to start. But, in brief, the simplest answer is because yoga makes you feel good. It is a system of self-care and spiritual development that does just about everything you can think of to optimise physical and mental health; it increases flexibility, strength, balance and immunity; it improves heart function, strengthen bones, and improves co-ordination; it reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and helps people to lose weight; it also promotes a positive outlook, a happy sex life, a sense of well-being and equanimity. In relation to women’s health in particular, yoga has a balancing effect on hormones, which helps to effectively manage menstrual and menopausal difficulties, boosts fertility and supports healthy pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery. Very many of the health problems that women experience have their roots in stressful living patterns that deeply disconnect women from our natural life cycles, leaving us exhausted, irritated and often ill. The practice of yoga, which can be translated as ‘union’, literally reconnects women to the source of health and vitality, offering the possibility to enjoy positive physical and emotional health” Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.