A week of rainbows

I cannot tell you how amazing it felt to see a rainbow over Stonehenge, one of my most favourite spots, it just has some energy, something about it, some history, some thing that draws me, and indeed Ewan, in. It felt an auspicious moment. I love rainbows too, the chakras shining brightly in the sky, an angel smiling at you, a reminder of the impermanence of all things and the fact they make us incredibly present moment and positive, for the sun is shining despite the rain, and there is a wish to be had in there and a happy time.

We visited Salisbury too, there is something about the cathedral which draws us.  I have always felt much comfort from sitting in this wonderful place and praying, its like the prayers are elevated somehow, and the energy in he stones is just so calming, centring and grounding to the touch.  It supported us during the IVF treatment for Elijah and we took him to say thanks for the second time this year.

Glastonbury I have already mentioned. Crystals, ley lines and nature based living, you can't beat it.  I have recently posted a whole heap of photos on the beinspired Yoga facebook page.

And then on to London for a truly inspiring and amazing with Cyndi Lee, who I first met in her Om studio back in the day in New York a few years ago now, and I attended a workshop with her when I was 7.5 months pregnant with Elijah. This time around Vicki joined me.  There is something incredibly light about Cyndi's sequencing that finds you able to access poses in a very light manner.

As a practicing Tibetan Buddhist Cyndi shares her wisdom and knowledge in a very approachable manner, with humour and lightness, not too tight, not too loose, so that there is an expansiveness to the whole practice, light asana, grounded sitting following the breath and an appreciation, in fact a complete awareness of our own basic goodness - our natural state of being...if only we can recognise this.

I love what Cyndi writes: "Yoga is not a magic pill to calm your irritation or stimulate your boredom. It is about riding the waves of life with resilience, strength and basic goodness. Over the weekend, Cyndi will roll out the classic teaching of Upekka, or equanimity, a 7-fold practice that literally shifts the ground of one’s existence, away from habitual drama and toward what Buddhist texts call, “the radiant calm of the mind.” Asana is the perfect vehicle for this practice because you can’t get radiant or calm or present or strong without your body. Be ready to go slow, or a little faster, to pay attention, and not buy into everything you think because it is all impermanent."

Impermanence.  We can all do with remembering that from time to time. And keeping it light. And having fun. Yoga is just amazing. Truly amazing. I am incredibly grateful to Cyndi and to all who have shone a light on the path this week and led us from one ley line to another, from one vortex of peace to another, and for all the challenges that present us with a real life opportunity to practice...in every moment...of every day...in every breath...Om Namah Shivaya

With love and gratitude x




 and with her Buddhist practice and approach to and her awareness of mind, well the whole approach resonates with me hugely and has left me feeling light, inspired, stable and centred. Long may it continue...equanimity, equanimity, equanimity...

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