Glastonbury's energy

We've been visiting Glastonbury on a much needed break and an opportunity to check out a retreat centre I am intending to hire next May.

It is a great spot, highly charged and not without its craziness, but a craziness that is fascinating, well to me anyway. I just find this whole energy thing quite amazing. Elijah was absolutely wild in Glastonbury.  I spoke to An Angelic Reiki Healer, who explained to me that if people - and especially children - are sensitive to energy then spending time in Glastonbury can make them a little wild, they need to find a way to ground the energy down and that is the reason so many succumb to alcohol and drugs.

Elijah was conceived (albeit via IVF) on a full moon.  I gave him Reiki from pure essence, when he was implanted into my uterus as a blastocyst (a day 5 quality embryo) and daily ever since. We both received Reiki, reflexology and massage throughout my pregnancy and we practiced yoga daily (he was in utero at the time, now he just jumps on me!). For a while I have considered that he may be sensitive to energy and his behaviour in Glastonbury brought this home to me.

Ewan and I were a little wired off the energy too, after a day and a half in and out of the town, in and out of crystal shops, in and out of organic and sustainable cafes, we felt we needed some grounding too and we took up the Tor before taking refugee at the retreat centre, 3 miles out of town and by far one of the most incredibly calm, healing, peaceful, grounding and centring places I have ever had the fortune to stay, the energy was just right, we could see the Tor but we were far enough away that we were not overwhelmed by the energy in Glastonbury itself.

Glastonbury lies on St Michael ley line, and at points meets with the St Mary ley line, these are two really powerful energy lines which are said to create a vortex where they meet. As Mano Warren (a healer in the town) says, "What's interesting about Glastonbury, and what I feel makes it so powerful, is that this double line crosses itself in three places in the town, creating an area of ground of the full polarity of energy. If you go and stand on these spots, you get a balanced energy message from the earth, which is often a feeling of peace or balanced harmony."

One of these spots is the Tor, which will explain why we all calmed down when we made it up there (my head was spinning when we started out but I was most definitely must more in body and grounded on the descent). The Tor is also believed by many to be the largest 3D labyrinth in the world - if you look at the Tor, it has terraces on its sides. The belief is if you follow this path to the centre, you go on a journey of re-birth and come out as a new person.

Whether I will return to Guernsey a new person or not is not clear to me right now, but I do know that there has been a shift of sorts, certainly an expanded awareness of the way in which we so easily lose energy with our attachments and trends and frenetic ways of living and our hanging on and our dramas and distractions and all that stuff.  All that stuff. All that stuff.

It has reminded me of something I wrote a while ago about conserving energy, which reads a little like this: Invisible, intangible energy is affected by everything in your life: your thoughts, your choice of friends, your colleagues, family members, and how much fun you are having at the time.  Having lists of incomplete jobs drains your energy.  Worrying and any kind of anxiety rapidly depletes your reserves. 

Conversely, some people and places make you feel energised, enthusiastic and positive.  The trick is to identify the people who regularly drain your energy and distance yourself from them as much as possible.  Choose to spend more time with those whose company you enjoy and who understand and inspire you.  There are a number of steps you can take;

  • Throw out clutter, regularly clear out piles of paperwork and magazines that build up;

  • Keep your thinking positive;

  • Vary your routine, doing something different each day;

  • Move around as much as possible during the day, especially at work;

  • Make the effort to do something you love, taking time to enjoy yourself;

  • Set goals, so that you have something to work towards - perhaps make a vision board;

  • Create time and space for yourself to complete tasks by turning off mobiles and responding to emails or messages only at designated times during the day;

  • Do not let anger build up – if someone is angering you, express yourself and discuss it with them and forgive, forgive, forgive.

  • Avoid stimulants such as tea and coffee late at night, get enough sleep, plenty of nutritious food and regular exercise;

  • If you are Reiki attuned then give yourself Reiki for as little as 15 minutes a day to keep your energy level high;

  • Spend as much time as you can outdoors enjoying fresh air – natural light makes you feel good, whilst artificial light drains you.  If possible, keep plenty of plants in the room where you work, so your environment is oxygen rich.

My experience in Glastonbury took me a little beyond this though.  To see how our every action has a result - the butterfly effect (when a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world it can cause a hurricane in another part of the world) - so that the attitude or the state of mind that made a decision to take action, has such a significant effect on our energy levels and the energy of those with who we interact and indeed the energy of the world as a whole.  It really is so simple. If only we could see the energetic effect of everything, well how different our initial thoughts, or at least the ones that encourage an action, would be.

But it is even more than that. I feel we - or us as society then - would  benefit from elevating everything a little more.  Seeing life, situations, interactions, from the higher perspective, a more detached state of consciousness perhaps, a cleaner vibration, "interpreting the events in our lives [and the decisions we have to make] as spiritual challenges that are meant to enhance our growth" (Caroline Myss)

It is truly fascinating.

One things is crystal clear to me -  there is a LOT to be said about ley lines.  They are incredible and we will certainly be embracing them again...

"The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don't go back to sleep" Rumi

With gratitude x




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