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So it seems that we have made some progress with Bazza cat.  We let him out and he came back again!  I was really chuffed.  The funny thing is that now he is able to go out, he doesn't seem quite so bothered.  We are not sure if that is due to the other cats in the area or the fact that now the opportunity is there, it is not such a big deal for him.

We had to take Flufster cat to the vet on Saturday.  She developed a really dodgy eye throughout the day so we registered her at a vets (bearing in mind she moved in with us) and took her in.  It turns out she was is actually a "he", which is kind of strange to get our head around as now we have two boy cats and I can't stop referring to Flufster as a she.  Anyhow turns out she has a puncture wound from another cat on the side of her head.  We shall never know the truth, whether it was Bazza or not, but all seems rather coincidental to me!!

So life really has been about the cats.  And of course a little about the baby.  Phew the baby must be getting rather squashed in there the poor little thing.  Incredible to think that if everything was going to the natural plan then I could still have another 4 weeks to go, what with them often being late the first time around.  Probably just as well I don't have that long to go, not quite sure how I would walk, let alone sleep.  The only comfortable place would be the swimming pool where one feels weightless!!

Talking of swimming, we have been going swimming in the sea at the weekends.  Last Sunday was particularly rough down at Petit Bot, but a fabulous way to wake up and feel alive.  That is the bit I enjoy the most - certainly not the getting in the sea, but the feeling one gets afterwards.  I love the fact that it is often just Ewan and I down there too, he thinks I am strange but I love the freedom that comes with having a beach to yourself and the opportunity to change without having to hide behind a towel.  You and nature.  Can't beat it.

It is rather strange not teaching, all of a sudden I have much more time on my hands, which has been welcomed, work has been particularly busy so it is lovely to come home and be able to go swimming or read or lie in front of the TV and watch the wonderful Downton Abbey!  It is a novelty of course, but one I am embracing all the same.

So that is life for me, constantly on the change, or so it seems.  Shame the weather seems stuck on rain, would love to see a few more of those crisp autumnal days.

Oh well, time to go practice...

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