November sea swimming for the soul

Oh my gosh, we are all going to wash away at this rate, how can there be so much rain?!

Having said that, wasn't Sunday lovely, such a novelty to have a windless and rainless day - well part of it in any event.

E and I managed a few swims I the sea this weekend too.  Saturday after a massive clean of the house (me, not Ewan, nesting you see!) we went in at Petit Bot, which was not particularly enjoyable as the waves were quite high but it did make me feel more alive afterwards.  Sadly the cleaning, well the hovering, has not helped my sacral iliac and spd issues, I am told it is a common problem for flexible pregnant yoga practitioners but did mean I was positively waddling when we went shopping later in the day and actually there were moments when I didn't feel I could walk much further.  Amazing how the body does what it does to help prevent you doing yourself some serious damage.  Needless to say Saturday evening was spent lying down and resting the joints.

Sunday I felt much better and so decided to have an active day - I am making the most of it while I can as the baby will be coming this week, by C-section, due to placenta previa.  We went for a swim at Saints Bay this time, it was wonderful, high tide and the sun came out.  Typically there was one other swimmer there when we arrived but then we did have the place to ourselves.  I just love that you can do that over here, find a spot away from the rest of the world.  It was cold and the stones underfoot certainly gave the feet a good massage!!  Still I felt much more awake afterwards and set me up for the rest of the day.

I made the most of the calmer and drier weather and cleaned my car before going for a walk of sorts with Mum - certainly wasn't our usual pace as I had to waddle to keep my pelvis in check!  E and I managed a swim at the Grande Mare a little later, now this really does help the back, you just have to avoid breast stroke.  I finished off the day with pregnancy yoga on the ball with the lovely Anita Davies.  Admittedly I wasn't able to do much, but all the breathing and relaxation certainly chilled me out for a good night's sleep ahead.

The most challenging aspect of the pregnancy now is the heart burn.  This could be complicated by my anaemia and the need to take iron tablets and also the fact the baby is not able to engage so is still quite high and therefore pressing into my stomach but my gosh, I will be pleased to have my digestive system working properly again soon.  Aside from that, I am going to miss my bump when the baby has been born.  I am familiar with the bean's movements, there is a pattern to it, and it will feel weird to sit and work and not have him/her with me.  Same with Yoga, I shall have to sit him/her in the room as he/she may miss the energy of it all as it has been such a part of him/her the last 9 months.

And on that note it is indeed that time of day.  Time to go practice and pray for brighter skies later so that we can all enjoy some fresh air without getting soaking went in the process - as a gardener poor E has no choice but to be out there in it!!  which reminds me, it is a full moon at the end of the week, so we could be having an interesting time ahead!

With much gratitude and love.

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