Yoga class at St Germain Nature Reserve

Great class at St Germain Nature Reserve last night, thankfully the weather held up and whilst it was not the warmest of evenings, it was still wonderful to teach outside up there in nature with those wonderful views and the sounds of the birds in the background.

Amazingly we were left alone, no dog walkers, although we practiced dog pose ourselves.

We made the most of the soft grass with some fun Yoga poses, parsva Dhanurasana (sideways bow pose) for example, no fear of hurting hip bones!

And some core strengthening balancing poses like Vasisthasana.

And of course the joyful boat, Navasana, my Mum's favourite (well one of them).

And one of my favourite poses, Trikonasana, looking up towards the thumb with views of the clouds above.

Everyone was amazingly balanced, we were indeed the trees blowing gently in the wind.

It really is a joy to practice out in nature, seeing the clouds rather than the ceiling when you are lying on your back, or the field in the distance when you are bending backwards into Urdhva dhanurasana.

And of course being so close to the earth, rabbit poo and all!!

Thank you to everyone who came along and joined this special class - there is a whole album of photos for those of you who did attend, just drop me an email.

Have a lovely weekend.

Love and light

Emma xx
Ross DespresComment