Happy camping and full moon on its way x

We went camping in Herm at the weekend.  Not convinced camping and 26 weeks pregnancy go hand in hand, well not in the wind and rain in any event, but still it is always lovely to enjoy the Herm energy.

We took E's Mum along with us, which meant I was able to chill a little on my own, much needed, activity is becoming a little more challenged with the pregnancy, and with office and yoga work both busy, peace is certainly something my spirit craves at any opportunity.  It is a marvellous camping space, probably one of the best you are going to find anywhere with views of Alderney and the northern tip of Herm, all the swallows swooping around the field and 5 baby pheasants eating all our crumbs, stunning really.

We were able to enjoy a stunning sunset on the Friday evening, wow, beautiful skies to end the evening.  So too views of the moon, building to a full moon.  I guess there pros and cons to everything, in pregnancy you tend to need to go to the toilet far more often, which meant lots of in and out of tent in the night, and yet provided an opportunity to witness the stunning night sky, the tracking of the moon and the star shining brightly above.  Wonderful.  Even if I was a little exhausted the next morning!

Yoga asana practice has become a little more of a challenge too.  Bean is most definitely growing in there and my tummy is getting rather huge, which does limit somewhat the ability to move quite like I would have done in the past.  Still, it is wonderful to be pregnant and I am enjoying all the changes this brings.

Full moon tomorrow, another Aquarius one too, time to come together collectively and bring change to the world (see the Be inspired Yoga facebook page for more on this).  I am all up for that, however challenging it is to sometimes to unite, as we are all so used to our culture of individuality that coming together collectively is not always as easy as it sounds - a good place to begin is on our Yoga mats and for that very reason I am eternally grateful for the local Be inspired Yoga community and all the students who make the effort to come together on a Monday and Saturday evening during these wonderfully bright and sunny summer days.  It makes such a difference to the spirit to spend time with all these marvellous energies.  The gift of teaching Yoga is indeed one to be treasured, and one for which I am gracious every day.

So more beautiful weather, evening high tide, aren't we lucky, time to go give thanks through a practice.

Love and light

Ross DespresComment