I am very excited as it is the Spring Equinox tomorrow, when the sun rises over the horizon and vanquishes darkness...hoorah! The Equinoxes are very significant times of the year alongside the Solstices.

I love the literal translation "equi"=equal "nox"=night (ie equal day/night) as it simply resonates balance - the balance of light and darkness reminding us that night and day are only balanced two days a year.

Many of us are seeking balance - work and play, ego and humility, compassion and strength etc - and yet even nature only manages it for two days. Needless to say these two days are days of great power and while balanced signify a change at the same time - winter via spring into summer and later autumn via summer into winter; thankfully for us right now in the northern hemisphere, we are headed for the lightness again.

There is a playfulness to the Spring Equinox, the hard work of the winter is done, and the harvest is yet to come, so it is time to relax and enjoy the beautiful world blooming all around us...and beautiful it is too, so many daffodils and violets and primroses everywhere to say nothing of the budding shrubs and trees.

I love it at this time of year - Spring and the lead up to "Easter" is a time for celebration of the Mother Goddess (also known as EASTER, EOSTRE, OSTERA, EASTRE) who is associated with the Moon and is also the Goddess of Fertility. The (Easter) egg is the symbol of this Pagan Mother Goddess also Goddess of Spring and sexual love and birth. The hare is a symbol of fertility (Easter bunny!) with new life presenting itself everywhere. All very exciting, new life, new starts and fresh energy.

So enjoy and make a wish at the fairy ring or visit one of the "Mothers" at Castel or St Martins church.

Love Em x
Ross DespresComment