We can be rich in so many ways, not necessarily material but perhaps friends and family, experiences and opportunities.

I feel particularly rich this weekend and ever so grateful for the wonderful friends and family in my life - I enjoyed a fantastically hilarious catch up over Tapas in White D'Or with with Eugenie, Sheila and Hayley on Saturday night. I haven't laughed so much in ages, Hayley and I were laughing so hard at one point that our stomach muscles were hurting!

In fact now I come to think about it yesterday was a day of laughter. The 3 "Divine" ladies were also at class in the morning together with the usual Saturday crowd including my Mum and Ewan. I don't know whether it was the thigh stretch, the handstands or the backbends but everyone was super super hyper, it certainly wasn't a quite introspective class, more an uplifting experience - thoroughly enjoyable for me in any event.

So the laughter continued into the night, although we were very well behaved, even walked home together, such a beautiful starry night and I was in bed by midnight feeling very proud of myself and awoke all refreshed today just after sunrise. Thank you girls, you can't put a price on the power of laughter in raising the spirits - spiritual friends come in so many different forms, on and off the mat. So much fun!

Today was beautiful. Stunning. I wasn't here for Mother's Day last year and I have been so busy recently that I have not really spent much quality time with my parents so I have been looking forward to spending the whole day with them and taking a much needed break from the norm.

We headed off to Herm on the 11am boat and spent a few hours walking around the perimeter of the Island, not only the cliffs but all the way along Shell beach and around to the harbour on the sand - wow, I had no idea there was so much beach, especially as it was low tide. We spent quite a lot of time beach combing, there are so many cool shells and stones, even some sea glass, on the beaches over there. the wind was rather cold around the north of the Island, but it was beautifully sheltered in the Mermaid courtyard where we sat and drank tea.

Thankfully the shop was open, you have to love it over there if you are into crystals and that sort of thing. Mum and I were in our element! We visited the new sculpture and the cute church (St Tugal), which has an incredible energy, we could all feel it, especially when you touch the walls, very special. We walked through the centre of the Island with great views of Sark on one side and Guernsey on the other, plus some lovely Herm cows, I am becoming rather obsessed about these shy and beautiful animals.

Back home in Guernsey we were all a little sun flushed and invigorated by the Herm experience. Such a cool sunset too, and the night's are drawing out, hoorah, Spring is certainly on its way, all so exciting, such an important time in the Wicca calendar as far as new life and balance and celebrations are concerned. But more of that another time.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.

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