Color: Blue – third primary colour and first of spiritual colours
Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Lapis

Where is the Throat Chakra?

The Throat Chakra is in the hollow of the throat.  The throat is between the head and the heart – between heaven and earth - it is the meeting point between the two higher spiritual Chakras and the four lower physical Chakras, it is where we can speak our thoughts, blend the inner and the outer, the above with the below - Heaven with Earth.

What does a balanced Throat Chakra look like?

A healthy throat Chakra enhances self-expression and openness to the ideas of others. When it is in balance it purifies all of the Chakras and brings harmony into your being.  It is an enormously powerful Chakra and it is important to keep it in balance so that all of the other Chakras are optimised.

The throat Chakra is connected to the idea of vocation or calling.  When this Chakra is brought into balance, many people suddenly discover a fresh outlook on what they want to do in life.  They may change their priorities or they may feel a literal vocation calling them to an entirely new profession or way of life.

When it is balanced, you discover your authentic voice and can be yourself in all situations.  Your communication is clear and untainted, and you communicate to others with compassion and kindness.  You have the space to see yourself clearly and can let the divine wisdom of the Universe guide each moment of your life.

A healthy throat Chakra ensures self-expression in every sense; being able to put forward your ideas, while listening to the perspectives of others in an open and positive way.  When you come to terms with your own unique inner self and its intuitions and instincts, you know this Chakra is working, as it should.  If you are dogmatic, refuse to listen to other’s advice or you get bogged down in minor details rather than addressing the heart of an issue, you need to work on this Chakra.

Giving your word is another way in which the throat Chakra expresses itself.  Those with strong throat Chakras are reliable and mean what they say.  They are able to make commitments to other people, follow a spiritual path, aspire to high ideals, and can sometimes make huge changes in their lives if they instinctively know they should.

What does an unbalanced Throat Chakra look like?

The theme of communication is of paramount importance to the throat Chakra.  A closed or poorly functioning throat Chakra can often be heard in a monotonous, droning voice. 

An unbalanced throat Chakra often means you feel defensive about your ideas, and threatened when others have different views.  You may be unwilling to voice your ideas at all, preferring to align yourself to ready made ideologies.  Alternatively you may never stop talking, but without saying anything important.

Further, an unbalanced throat Chakra can leave you anxious and confused, not knowing which direction to take and fearful of taking a new path.  Sometimes you can even cling to a person, an idea or a way of life even though you know it is damaging.  An unhealthy throat Chakra can also manifest itself in illnesses, such as neck and throat ailments, headaches, teeth and gum conditions, ear infections and mouth ulcers.

How can I energise my Throat Chakra?

As this Chakra resonates to the colour blue looking at a clear blue sky will help to energise it, or perhaps wearing a turquoise scarf or necklace around your neck or carrying a blue crystal with you such as sodalite or blue lapiz. You can also journal, just write down how you feel and what is bothering you and see what arises. 

In your yoga practice get chanting. Invest in some Deva Premal and sing along to the mantra. Or try some Bija mantra and focus on the Bija mantra for the throat, "ham", repeat for a few minutes at a time. Or practice some Brahmari breath, the bumble bee breath, and see how that affects the energy you feel around your throat chakra.

In terms of asana, you can work with Setu Bandhasana (bridge pose), Tabletop pose, Ardho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog) and Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulderstand). Pay attention to how you move and place your neck when you come into these poses and remember to create space. Notice how these poses change sensations around the neck and how they make you feel.

Lastly remember that when someone talks, listens to the words and also the silences.  What was not said is important too.  Feel the emotion of what was said, trust your gut feeling - that small voice inside of you - less is definitely more when it comes to talking and expressing yourself; this is true communication.  Say what you mean and mean what you say and speak only when you have something to say.  Don’t forget that words have power – they are thoughts made manifest.