Colour: Yellow – the colour of mental energy
Citrine, Yellow Jasper

Where is the Solar Plexus Chakra?

This Chakra is extremely complex.  It is the Chakra of the mind, ruling rational thought, discernment and individuality.  Yet it is also a very physical Chakra, governing your digestive system, liver and spleen as well as your back.  It is the Chakra from which your moral judgements emerge, and from which you draw the moral courage to stand up for what you believe in.

What does a balanced Solar Plexus Chakra look like?

The Sanskrit name for the solar plexus means, “jewel in the city” and the jewel it refers to is the mind.  When your solar plexus Chakra is in balance, your mind is also in balance.  You are in control of yourself and the challenges and decisions that you face in life.   As well as being warm in nature, people with balanced solar plexus Chakras tend to have a healthy intuition, they can generally rely on their hunches or “gut instincts”, and they can express themselves well.

When your solar plexus Chakra is in balance, you are discerning, disciplined and assertive, and you face life’s challenges with courage and integrity.  Your ego will no longer need continual gratification.  You will discover a moderation in thought and action; you are able to listen to people without being overwhelmed by them.  You instinctively find a comfortable relationship with the world.  Your character becomes gemlike: solid, multifaceted, filed with life.

The fire in this Chakra gives you your “glow”, burnishes your ego, and illuminates your mind; it helps you to see the world around you clearly.  This fire also creates the necessary heat for the metabolism of food, cellular transactions and thought.

What does an unbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra look like?

An overly dominant solar plexus leads to bullying, egotistical and aggressive behaviour.  These people believe they are always right and get angry easily, and seek to control others through their anger.

A weak solar plexus Chakra results in depression, guilt and lack of confidence; it becomes hard for you to see your life clearly, leading to feelings of heightened vulnerability.

Ailments resulting from an unbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra include ulcers, irritable bowl syndrome, liver and digestive problems.

Because the solar plexus is the centre of the intellect and decision-making, it is important for the health and development of this Chakra that you make your own choices, rather than have them made for you.  The development of the solar plexus is hindered if you have a feeling of powerlessness in life.

You can have, be and do anything you choose in your life...anything, you just have to choose wisely and believe in yourself.  So don’t settle for second best and please don't give your power away. Chakra is a powerful receiver and transmitter of energy, as you give, so you receive, so balance is essential here. 

If you are giving out feelings of being a failure then this will be reflected straight back at you, if you give out feelings of being a success then this will be reflected straight back at you.  Give to yourself first and foremost otherwise you won’t have anything to give to others.

How can I energise my Solar Plexus Chakra?

This Chakra can be energised with colour like wearing bright yellow or eating yellow foods such as yellow peppers, lemons, bananas and sweetcorn.  Plus enjoying the sunshine. Crystals for this chakra include citrine and yellow jasper.

In your yoga practice, work with core strengthening poses such as Navasana (boat pose) and Santolanasana (plank pose), or with twisting poses such as Ardha Matsyenasana (half fish pose) and Jathara Parvartanasana (revolved supine twist - also a core strengthener).

You can also work with Uddiyana Bandha, which is the abdominal lock and is mentioned in the ancient scriptures as being the most powerful way to positively influence and affect the solar plexus.  Please ensure you only practice this under the guidance of an experienced teacher and never if you have abdominal issues or are pregnant. 

Notice where you give your power away in life.  Notice also your posture, especially on your mat, do you engage your core muscles or allow your stomach to stick out and thereby giving your power away? Draw in and up, energise and retain your power (healthy power) within.