Mercury is no longer retrograde!!


I don't know about you, but I am delighted that we have reached June 11th marking the date that Mercury is no longer retrograde.  Phew, what a rollercoaster of emotions and this uncomfortable sensation of being "stuck" this last 3 weeks what with that super cleansing Sagittarius full moon on the 2nd thrown into the mix too. It is so true what they say, during mercury retrograde, "don't travel, don't sign contracts, don't marry and don't touch electrics!"

You may have experienced this for yourself too, it has been a period of re-evaluating, re-forming and re-investing as you question everything in your life and finding yourself thinking "Is this what I really want?" .  We are not yet out of the water through, we need a few days to allow things to settle but by the 17th things should start to flow again, and then of course we have the solstice, when the light far, far outweighs the darkness, so that I am quite sure we will all feel light in our lives somehow.

It was perhaps a good time for those who joined me on a Reiki 1 course last Sunday to be bringing Reiki into their lives, as this shakes things up a little and potentially provides a new way of life, or a new way of feeling or thinking about life.  Reiki is really magical in that regard as it helps us to realise and indeed come to terms with our denial and therefore offers us the chance for personal spiritual development and being truer to ourselves in the process, causing us to question our authenticity then.

I had not planned it consciously but it just so happened that I have enjoyed 3 sessions of Reiki spread over the last 3 weeks with my friend and fabulous Reiki Master, Chrissie Robert's who has recently set up her own Reiki venture and with good reason too.  I am passionate about the healing potential of this marvellous energy and am delighted it is even more available here in Guernsey with more people becoming attuned and practicing.

I am still waiting for the dust to settle and am reminded this last week or so of the need for patience, which is certainly something I need to work on!  Still I have no doubt, my faith is high, that we are all where we need to be at this exact moment in time any confusion will soon become clear so that our frustration, over-thinking and restlessness may ease.

We are actually off on a pilgrimage to Stonehenge for the solstice in a week's time, which is hugely exciting and good timing! it has been an ambition for many years so we are incorporating it as part of my birthday celebrations this year and we are delighted to be joined by some close spiritual friends, and indeed some non-spiritual friends too! 

I have missed these kind of journeys the last few years, they always have their challenges, but I guess that is the essence of any journey, for it is through the challenges that we learn more about ourselves and others as we are tested in both faith and spirit. I have no doubt we will face further challenges, but what I have learnt thus far is that the more we can let go of expectation, the more we are able to stay present and appreciate our experiences, whatever they may be.

So as much as I would love to touch the stones and see the sun rising, I am not expecting to be able to do either.  I shall just be delighted to experience for myself and share in the energy of this much revered and ceremonial event that will find us joining 50,000 other potential spiritual revellers as we welcome the dawning of the day on the summer solstice here at one of the most mind blowing spiritual sites in the UK.   

By the time we return to Guernsey on the Monday morning after our whirlwind weekend, the confusion of Mercury retrograde should be well passed and fortunate for us, my brother arrives from Byron Bay, Australia, with the family, so it is a real light and love-fuelled time for us, and I do just hope that the sun shines this next few weeks!!!

I can highly recommend this marvellous article about Mercury retrograde -

With love and light



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