Moon watching

The Moon has received a huge amount of attention this last week and with good reason in my opinion.  Not only did we have a Super Moon, but a Blood Moon and a Lunar Eclipse too!

I am quite sure that I am not the only one who felt its powerful effect as it shone light on the shadow side and enlightened us a little of the nature of our relationships - shone a light on these too, so that we may have gained greater awareness of those no longer serving us - the ones that drain us then - and opened the doorway for new relationships instead.

Not only that but there was an acute sense of groundlessness, so that everything was up in the air.  I feel it will take a few weeks now for everything to settle back down again and I wouldn't be surprised if we find ourselves moving in new directions, with greater courage and conviction, heart then, than we may have done previously.  This truly is a time to embrace the concept that we can create a more harmonious and authentic reality.

Those who know me well, will know that I am very much a fan of the moon and her beautiful Luna Goddess energy. She is a powerful thing, to all of us no doubt, but especially those who embrace the feminine. It amazes me however, how long it took me to gain this connection, to notice how much the rhythms of the moon affect my own rhythms and the rhythms of others too.  Now I love to moon watch and like to know its cycles.  It is looking pretty stunning at the moment as it wanes down to a new moon. 

The waning moon certainly offers us the opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us - clear out wardrobes, social network and real life 'friends', clutter (in our minds as much as in our houses), letting go of anything inauthentic and draining, so that we can create greater space in our lives (and between our thoughts), so that we may more clearly connect with our Divine self.  I don't know about you, but I just want to sit and move quietly and gently on my mat. 

That aside, for those who have never watched the moon, well it is a wonderful way of knowing and living with the circular movement of nature.  Each of the thirteen moons in a year has its own name and is in harmony with the month it appears in bringing with it seasonal energy. 

 Since the beginning of time people have been influenced by the moon and its phases – everyone is “moon touched” although some more than others.  The moon can influence our energies in a powerful way as I am sure many are aware. For our ancestors moon watching was a part of life as it helped to light the skies and guide hunters, warriors and travellers safely through the dark and back to their tribes. 

Furthermore as our ancestors looked to the heavens, they saw how the moon waxed and waned, how night turned into day, spring into summer, and summer into winter. They saw the seas ebb and flow; plants bring forth grain and life burst forth from the womb.  Everything in nature seemed to move in harmony with the phases of the moon, including women’s menstrual cycles and pregnancy.

 In fact for women, governed by monthly cycles, the moon was particularly significant and still is, as women we subconsciously know our connection with the moon through our bodies.  The feminine qualities of the moon are highly celebrated with many moon goddesses linked to “her”.  In fact the Great Goddess worshipped in old Europe became equated with the moon, in whose divine light she was reflected.  As the moon waxed and waned, so did the inherent power of the Goddess.

 he mystical moon ‘influences’ that people once used to use to improve their lives are still important to many pagans and natural spiritualists today. For example, many people are turning once again to the principles of lunar gardening, something that was developed over 10,000 years ago and handed down over generations until they became ignored and forgotten with the development of chemical fertilisers in the 20th century. 

 Significant moon times are:-

 The new moon – this can be a great time for starting new projects, planting seeds, setting out intentions for the moon cycle.  Sit outside, burn candles and incense and connect with flowers and plants and seasonal fruit and vegetables.

 Waxing half moon – the energy is building so this is a good time to take steps towards realising plans and intentions, a good time to try new and challenging ventures. Get out there and walk in wild places, connect with the birds, animals and signs that nature puts in your path.

 Full moon – the day and the night of the full moon is a time when the energy is most powerful.  This is a time of great fertility and increased psychic awareness.  It is a wonderful time to celebrate the moon and its seasonal gifts by outdoor evening meditation and enjoying drumming, fires, gazing at the moon and singing and dancing with friends. 

Waning full moon – as the energies of the moon become less, so it becomes a good time to think of letting go, banishing those things from our life that we no longer need, those things that hold us back.  This is the time to do less and reflect more, contemplation, meditate, listen to music and tend to the seeds that you have planted.

 Dark moon – this is often a time to take the pressure off, give into the low energy that you may experience, it is a great time to reflect on where you want to go next in preparation for the new moon.  So give yourself a break and enjoy sitting outdoors and allow quiet into your life.

 Enjoy the moon and her Goddess energy, cleanse your crystals when she is full, and star gaze when she is new.











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