Beautiful winter days

Well what wonderful weather we have experienced the last few days in Guernsey, those lovely crisp and bright winter day with colourful sunrise and sunset skies and bright stars in the evening. Love it! It has certainly been an action-packed week.

I managed my first swim in the sea of the Year last Wednesday. It was high tide and a bright and clear morning down at Petit Bot and really there was no excuse, especially as someone else turned up while I was getting changed, which was a good thing as it made me swim for longer than I would have done on my own. It was cold!!
I repeated the experience again on Sunday, down at Vazon this time, but it was really cold and I got a bit freaked out about all the sea weed and being down there on my own - ridiculous really, what on earth is there to be fearful about!!

On Wednesday evening I played my first netball game for over 7 years, it was not long after I started Yoga that I stopped playing netball, which had actually been my passion up until then. It was hard work but so much fun! I ended up playing centre in a first division game, which means I had to run around lots, and could barely move the next two days - not convinced this exercise malarkey is really that good for you!!

E bought me a House and Homes magazine, which has this section in it about decluttering. It is not that I was conscious of needing to declutter the house, but clearly a seed had already been sown, because on Saturday that is exactly what I did. The thing is, we helped someone to move house the weekend before and that made me very aware of the fact we tend to hold on to lots of stuff that just takes up space.

I finally retrieved my book cases and all my Yoga and holistic books from storage and unpacked them all in the Yoga room which I am blessed to have in the cottage. Wow, how cool to finally have access to all these books. I must admit I did something I have never done before, I actually sorted through the books I no longer reference with the idea of giving them to students who may be interested in reading them themselves - I don't see the point in storing books in a book case that you are unlikely to ever read or reference, better to let someone else benefit from their knowledge instead.

I sorted through all my old files and paperwork and threw out stuff that I no longer need, so much paper, such a waste, although I did a recycling run so hopefully that balances things out a little. We took some old furniture down to the reclamation Yard, what a cool place, I got a new lamp which someone had thrown away and yet there is nothing wrong with it. I am always amazed by the number of people rummaging around, such a great way to recycle and give others the opportunity to benefit from those things you no longer want yourself. It is refreshing to declutter, just changes the energy, not so much stuff getting in the way, letting go of the past to make more room for the present.

E and I managed a bike ride on Sunday around the lanes in St Martins and St Andrews. He took me to places I have never been before, all so cool and no one else walking about, I discovered this wonderful lane with stunning views of the Islands and some wonderful property, called Gypsy Lane. I love to get off the beaten path over here in Guernsey as we are truly blessed with some amazing views, and also it tends to be so quiet - I wonder if it is because the cliffs etc are directly on our doorstep so we don't always feel to get out on them. Such a shame as they are a gem for Guernsey - mind you the less people on them the quieter for those who do use them!

Willow is doing well out in Australia and Ross is a very proud Dad, ever so sweet and I can't wait to have a cuddle in March when we visit.

It was another busy class last night - well done to everyone for sticking with it, really good practice, lots of integrity. I look forward to seeing those who are taking their time to get going this year, it is difficult to doubt the benefit of a regular Yoga practice.

The sun enters Aquarius this week, see this link for further information

Happy week!

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