Summer times

Ewan and I went to the Ivy Earth Fair on Saturday. It was so much fun and I was surprised that not more people had come to support the event. It was in a great location, an old castle with a moat and everything and had a really easy going and happy ambiance. Thank you to the flame throwers, great stuff, and to the bands and djs who had us dancing barefoot on the grass, the stars shining overhead. Love it!

On Sunday Ewan and I took the Trident over to Herm to meet Val, Ewan's Mum, who had been playing the organ in the church that morning. The weather improved throughout the afternoon and we enjoyed a sunny and rather warm walk through the new nature trail where we saw a green dragonfly and Ewan got to swing from a real tree vine (go see for yourself, it is fab, like walking through the jungle in Nepal, only on a much, much smaller scale!).

We popped into the tiny St Tugals church - go feel the vibration of the energy in the walls in there - and then investigated the campsite (wow what views from some of those pitches) and along the cliff back to the Mermaid for a cup of tea. Of course we managed a quick stop in the lovely Herm shops, one of them sells crystals at a really good price and the other shop offers some fab jewellery.

This week we have been rather busy helping out friends with gardening and tree work, all good fun, Ewan will make a gardener of me yet. Talking of which we pulled up some of our carrots and even though they look a little anemic, they didn't taste too bad for our first attempt!!

It has been a rather social week. One of my best friend's, Sam, has been visiting Guernsey from Canada with her beautiful 4 month old daughter, Rosie. Honestly she is the funniest little thing as she is very expressive...clearly going to take after Mum with her thinking! We have enjoyed a couple of afternoons sitting, chatting and holding Rosie at Grandes Rocques beach with Sam's other local friends and we were all really sad and tearful at the airport this afternoon when we said goodbye.

Ross, Star and Adena left on their European travels yesterday. I hope the weather improves for them, 5 weeks in a tent may be just as testing for them as sharing a room in India was earlier this year! Good luck guys.

My cousin Katherine is over with her husband, Detlev, and her beautiful children Abigail (also my goddaughter) and Colin for a few weeks. I visited for a drink with them this afternoon and Katherine and I took the dogs out for a walk around Fort Houmet headland - two labradors, one chocolate and the other one golden, such a handsome combination!

I even managed to visit another friend and her daughter who was one the other day. Never have I spent so much time with babies and young children as I have this week, quite funny how it all happens at once! What on earth is the Universe trying to tell me!! Well whatever it is I can't help thinking it has helped to make me feel a little more balanced and energised...hoorah, long may it last!!

We are off to Lihou for the night tomorrow and then off to France on Sunday, hoorah!

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