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 Yoga for Anxiety Video Series


Suffering with anxiety and don’t know how to ease it? 

From her own experience, Emma knows only too well that yoga can help to ease the symptoms of anxiety and heal the underlying cause.

This 6-week video series has been designed to help you to experience this for yourself by helping to re-balance the energy within the body, to help ground and centre the awareness firmly back into the body and back to Earth again. The series encourages exploration so that you might begin to notice the underlying reason for the anxiety in the first place – often displaced energy due to various nutrition and lifestyle and relationship choices, and feeling a lack of support from Mother Earth.

Practice each video as much as you can in the week, before moving to the next one the following week. Try and stick with it, however challenging you find it, to finish the whole 6-week series.

The practice is suitable for all levels of ability, although prior experience of yoga is recommended. If you’re new to yoga, you might benefit from downloading our Beginner’s Yoga Video Series first.

+ 6x 30min yoga videos, one per week
+ Pranayama (breathing exercises)
+ Guidance from Emma
+ Practice in the comfort of your own home before, or alongside, attending yoga classes
+ Pay once, keep forever
+ Go at your own pace
+ Practice as many times as you can each week
+ Wear whatever you’re comfortable in, no equipment required
+ Options and variations given for postures - honour your body wisdom!
+ Establish a regular practice



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