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A healing crisis

With all the recent healing work, a healing crisis was inevitable.  It was funny as I hadn't identified with it as such, I just knew something was "off" and was trying to figure out the reason for this.

In the back of my mind I had this thought that I needed to write about healing crises in my Reiki Level One Manual, because following a Reiki attunement (and each of the three levels) you go through a 21 day healing process…

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Dancing the dream with womb yoga and healing

Wow, so it's been a fairly intense month of healing.  The moon has certainly been putting it in the field - there was a lot of fear, anxiety and agitation coming up for so many, and the need to root down.

I was lucky, as I had been feeling a pull to dig deep into some inner healing work, and in many respects this turned out to be perfectly timed, as it helped support me during these, um, testing times.

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Ayurveda - needing some TLC

A few weeks ago now I became painfully aware that I needed to step out of my denial and do something about the inherent tiredness I was feeling.

I'd seen a visiting Peruvian healer who highlighted to me low kidney energy, and the impact this was having on my wellbeing  I knew this really, just like I knew that there were things I was doing that actually weren't supporting my wellbeing at this particular moment in my life…

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