The Eclipse Gateway

A lot of people have been commenting to me about the strange energy at the moment. We’re in an eclipse gateway!

I don’t know that I’ve ever been as conscious as I am now of being in an eclipse gateway but it feels a little like a liminal space, neither here nor there, a sort of ‘hanging’ energy, and yet one full of potential.

We had a solar eclipse on the new moon on Tuesday 2nd July, and a lunar eclipse on the full moon due on Tuesday 16th July. This is potent time! When eclipses are two weeks apart, there is a gateway between them, like a bridge, helping to merge their energies, and shift consciousness from one way of being to another.

Eclipses bring with them the potential for change - you might have noticed this in your own life or the lives of those around you. Change is in the air, and during the gateway you start to see the transformation that might lead to the actual change bedding in, once the bridge has been crossed.

A few days ago I started to feel a shift in perspective, an awareness that we get to choose whether we see the world through’ a glass that is half empty’, or ‘a glass that is half full’. It might seem really obvious, but it just struck me how this perspective might truly influence the direction that our life flows. Which one do we choose?

I am aware that many - myself included at times - choose the negative approach, and sometimes this is so deeply conditioned that we don’t even realise we are doing it; it is not conscious. This is fascinating to explore, this inherent need to see the negative first, almost as a subtle victim of circumstances, seemingly powerless…and yet not, if the awareness shifted.

I couldn’t help thinking that in many respects the ‘glass half empty’ approach is a little like a form of self harm, as if we might deny ourselves the opportunity for happiness and continuously lower our spirits, make sure that life is hard work, like a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Furthermore, the negative becomes like a protective armour. It binds our heart. It stops us from truly saying ‘yes’ to all life has to offer. It also harms other people, especially our family and friends, because they have to deal with the hardness in us that this approach creates.

I wonder what underlies it? A suffering? We’re suffering so let’s make sure everyone knows about it, and let’s make them suffer too? An anger? A sense of being truly pissed off at the world? Let everyone know! The world has got it in for me! (like attracts like, self-fulfilling prophecy again).

I know from my own experience, that this perspective is so deeply ingrained that we don’t always recognise immediately when we have outgrown it. What would we choose to be anything but happy? I’m not suggesting that we pretend other than how we feel, or we bypass emotionally in any way, I just mean, why would we not choose to try to see the positive. What stops us doing this?

The current gateway has made this crystal clear to me, this need to take responsibility for our experience of life on planet Earth depending on our perspective, ‘glass half empty’, ‘glass half full’.

The frequency is high and there is the opportunity to receive downloads (I know this sounds really esoteric and weird and I remember when I first heard the term ‘download’ I was thinking it sounded a bit too star seedy for me, but I don’t know now how else to describe it because that is what it is), almost as if we are receiving some insight from somewhere else.

It’s like the portals (yes, I know, a bit esoteric and weird too, but this is what they are, like streaming) are open and we can receive messages from the collective higher self more clearly, or maybe it’s just from our higher self, but I have a sense that it is more expansive than that somehow, because we are feeling it collectively, not just individually, I’m not sure if that makes sense and apologies if not, sometimes it’s tricky to explain how you feel.

I felt energised after the solar eclipse and there was much more clarity; this sense that this is really the time for tying up loose ends, and yet I’ve felt that since January and this has led to me retreating a little, to see what needed to be tied up and let go, and what just needed tidying up to move forward. Much of this was a perspective shift too and a continual questioning about underlying motivation.

Interestingly they say that what is happening now is completing a cycle that begun with the eclipses in January 2019, so if you can think back then, that might help you to gain more clarity on what is happening now. I was going to say that it depends how much you have flowed with it, but that’s the thing about eclipses, they make the change happen regardless. I guess the more you can stay attuned to it, and the less of shock the change might be.

I have felt very supported in the last few weeks, more so than at other times this year, when there has been some scary moments of leaping into the dark, of doing things differently with no idea of the outcome, safe or otherwise. It’s been uncomfortable at times, but one has to keep trusting in the heart, because what else is there, otherwise.

There has been coincidence, strange happenings and the fairies have been apparent (bless Elijah for communicating with the magic fairies and reminding me frequently of the magic inherent in life!).

The last few days has drawn in situations that have helped to make the path ahead clearer, at least in terms of what I am feeling in my heart, and what direction this might take (the universe has been continually questioning motivation), and what the picture might look like, even though there are still many missing jigsaw pieces and still some leaping of faith. There’s renewed inspiration.

I’ve a feeling the energy will change in the days ahead as we approach the lunar eclipse. We might notice the blocks, and feel despondent, probably emotional.

But there’s really no stopping where it’s going. We just have to keep listening. I’m sorry if that sounds really wishy washy and new age-like, but I don’t know how else to say it. Perhaps I’m reminding myself as much as anything else.

I don’t know, let’s see. Take some time alone if you can. Keep your frequency high, use crystals and keep clearing your space with sage and herbal potions, cleansing out the old. Keep praying and communicating with the Goddess, her energy is also high, look at the moon building in the sky. Don’t buy into the illusion. Keep it different. To the heart. You know what I mean, you’ll feel it anyhow.

Happy eclipse shifting!

Love Emma

Emma DespresComment