The Aries New Moon and the Joy of Teaching Yoga (and giggling sitting bones!)

It's been a funny few days energetically as we transition to the new moon in Aries.  I've had this sensation going on in my solar plexus and a whirring almost in my sacral chakra.  The combination has felt a little bit like low level morning sickness, which in itself was unnerving!

There was also some anxious energy, without having anything to feel anxious about, just unsettling, perhaps a little ungrounding, and this overwhelming sense that life has to change, and that a big shift is about to come in.

I've sat with it and read about it, and conclude that there's lots going on up there, and down here (because of what's going on up there) and we're going through a process of realignment - as if (for me certainly) the solar plexus and sacral chakras are having a bit of a clean out so we can step more fully into our power and be the creative beings that we are, re-creating a new and lighter world for ourselves and humanity.

It was a coincidence, but not, because there is no such thing as a coincidence, that I was scheduled to go into the The Ladies College today, to help give the Lower Sixth some tools they may use to ease any feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and stress. So I had a sense of what might help, based on how I was feeling with the current moon energy heightening all of this.

I don't normally teach in schools anymore, and I was quickly reminded of the reason for this as it can be quite hard work, what with all the giggling and chattering.  The mere mention of "sitting bone" is enough to set them off, let alone "let go" and "soften". So imagine what happened when I mentioned the new moon and menstrual cycles and how the two are often linked.  Even I almost laughed out loud at the cacophony of giggling! I'd forgotten how taboo a subject menstruation still is, sigh.

I had planned the class and started out with what I thought may help, but I quickly realised that they needed a different approach.  Cat/cow may well be a lovely gentle movement to awaken the spine, but the mere thought of lifting the dreaded sitting bones with other girls behind them in rows, was enough to set them off into uncontrollable giggles of embarrassment again, so I realised that there was only one thing for it: standing balancing poses. This worked a treat.  Not only grounding and centering, but it is very difficult to think (or giggle) when one is trying to balance! I've never taught a first class with standing balancing poses being the main focus, but it did seem to work in calming the energy (a very useful insight as it happens!).

They responded very well to the chakra balancing guided mediation too, the use of colours is really marvellous for all age groups.  We were talking about this during the introduction to crystal course that I ran with my cousin, Yolande, on Saturday.  We got to do some colouring and everyone calmed with this, and noticing the colours of crystals we were drawn to was very revealing.  We used chakra crystals during a chakra balancing relaxation, and one day it would be lovely to share this with lower sixth form girls, but that would have been far too much to take in today, I can't even image the reaction that would have created!

They did so well though because it was new for so many of them, and it's not easy dropping the awareness into the body and noticing what's going on. It made me feel relieved not to be that age actually, and all the stress that it brings with it. I felt heartened by the manner in which they all settled into the relaxation and I was reminded how marvellous to have access to this thing called yoga!

Tonight further reminded me as it was the final class for two of the teenagers who started yoga for their Duke of Edinburgh bronze award.  They've been with me for three months now and have progressed amazingly during that time.  Not only are they much more confident in their practice, but their awareness has shifted too, and they are stronger in body and mind and so much more focused than when they began. It's been a real privilege to have them both in class, and I'm told they'd like to continue, which will be brilliant, as I will miss them otherwise!

I have to say I feel extremely blessed tonight to have yoga in my life. I am very grateful for the fact yoga is by far my deepest love and passion in life (other than the boys, obviously) and that I get to share this gift with others of all ages too (there were four 8-10 year old girls in class yesterday morning with their Mums, what a delight!).

I am at my most happiest when I am teaching yoga, because I am not aware of anything other than the moment and the students, and  trying to read the energy in the room (and out there in the ether) and facilitate what needs to awaken and what needs to calm down. It's a joy like no other and I'm so thankful to the Universe for bringing all so many marvellous students into my life and for providing me with the opportunities to share yoga where I can and do my bit to spread the love and light out into the world.  Thank you x