Less is more!


We've just returned from a fabulous family trip to the magical Island of Herm and I have to say that was indeed a wonderful way to begin the year - in nature, retreating and with my favourite people too!

It was a bit of a blessed trip as dolphins swam in the wake of the boat on the way over - I've never seen dolphins in such proximity within their natural environment. Then the next day I went for a swim at Shell Beach and I just had this feeling that something was amiss and not helped by a bird circling over head, so i got out and lo and behold a few minutes later, when I'd finished changing, up popped a huge seal just where I'd been swimming.  It was a curious thing and we spent a good five minutes getting very excited over his/her proximity to us on the beach.

We were the only visitors staying on the Island, which was just perfect.  Us and nature.  It was blustery that's for sure, but it didn't put us off and we walked and walked and managed at least one sea swim a day.

Mum and Dad visited on the Saturday, which was fab, and they brought supplies to keep us going - nothing is open in Herm during January, not even the pub! 

We just loved it, collecting wood and pinecones for the fire, nestling in, doing jigsaws, playing trucks and cars with the boys, practicing yoga with views of Alderney in the distance and sitting in the peace of the cottage, with no sounds - no traffic, no people, no planes, no nothing, just the wind and the natural elements. 

I had some clarity and make a couple of decisions. I always find that Herm has that effect, it grounds energy and enlivens and energises too. I also became very aware that the mantra for this year most definitely has to be "less is more".  It kept coming to me and the signs validated this. Less is more, less is more, less is more, not easy for someone who is always doing too much! 

Still this is certainly my intention fro 2018, and I have a feeling for many others too.  The year of manifestation...seeds coming to fruition...allowing the blossoming...smelling the roses...less is more...just being OK with what is...now there's the challenge!

Anyhow lI am very excited about the March Herm retreat, 018 just gets better and better, not long to go and already the daffodils were starting to poke through...woo hoo, can't wait. Herm is the most amazingly grounded and uplifting and energising place for a retreat and just here on our doorstep, 20 minutes away, hassle free with or without children, we're very lucky living on Guernsey!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!