Wild yogini and the moon

Beinspired Yoga_ New Moon_19.JPG

I started bleeding this week. It was such a relief.  I’ve had 20 months without bleeding, well not with menstrual bleeding, what with pregnancy and then the post-natal period.

The pregnancy was fine, it’s pregnancy after all and brings with it its own rhythm.  But the post-natal period is a tough one.  I was bleeding for the first six weeks after the birth and then I was so exhausted that it was a relief not to have to factor in the exhaustion that can accompany the menstrual cycle too.

However, by six months I was ready to get back into the menstrual groove again and while I could feel rumblings, I felt a little rudderless, without my menstrual navigational system kicking in.

So I welcomed the blood that appeared two days before the Pisces full moon and I was excited about the timing. That’s not bad is it, to be two days short of the full moon when you haven’t bled for almost two years? I was certainly delighted.

It was a joy to crouch down and bleed directly onto the Earth again in the light of the full moon in all her glory. I was smiling from ear to ear, it was like I’d properly come home again, and then I did a little dance in the garden.

You might ask yourself what E was doing when the menstrual moon shenanigans were taking place? Watching TV of course, he’s a good one that one, knows what’s going on but chooses to overlook the detail!

Not that there was much ignoring it the next morning when I went skinny dipping at Petit Bot. I’m a wild yogini at heart and what better way to truly get wild then to swim at high tide, without clothes, in the early morning light and bleeding too. I felt properly cleansed by the sea and the moon.

It was good too as my vampire boy at ten months has puncture wounded both my nipples with his sharp teeth and relentless night time feeding so the salt water helped with this healing too.

Now if you’re reading this and getting a little bit judgemental then take that as a sign that perhaps you’re meant to be getting into your menstrual moon and naked sea swimming grove too.  Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

I wish more women would get up close and personal about their menstrual cycles.  There’s nothing dirty about it.  Quite the opposite.  It’s incredibly empowering and enlightening to track your cycle and embrace your bleeding days with whatever helps to connect you deeper to the earth and your womb wisdom.

I’ve written about it before – have a look here if you would like to read more - http://www.beinspiredby.co.uk/blog/2016/9/19/moon-cycles-and-lady-cycles-welcoming-womb-wisdom

I appreciate also that sometimes the arrival of the blood is not something to be celebrated because it means another month without getting pregnant.  I hear you, I’ve been there myself. But actually if you are struggling to get pregnant, then getting up close and personal with your menstrual cycle should be paramount.  Greet it and meet it, it’ll have a message for you.

So that’s me shared, wearing something red, and chilling out on my yoga mat.  I’m hoping to record a yoga video for menstruation soon, because it really changes how I feel to move my body on my mat (not so much but a little) and I’m keen to share this with others as it really supports me during this period (quite literally!).

I also love to prop myself for a yoga nidra, and raise my legs up on the bed.  I also love to sit and watch my breath and see what arises from my womb space.  It’s insightful I can tell you.

So whether you’re a wild yogini moon lady or not, I hope you’re enjoying the waning moon energy, and get to check in to the energy of your cycle too.