The Glastonbury Yoga & Wellbeing Retreat

Wow what an incredible retreat! I know I’m biased, but I LOVED it! I love Glastonbury and I love Lower Coxbridge House, they’re two of my most favourite places in the world and I loved sharing them with nine amazing ladies who appreciated both.

Glastonbury is described as the heart chakra of the planet, and my heart certainly came alive. There’s ae magical energy in this part of the world what with the ley lines and that incredible light, so that you can’t help but feel that connection straight into Source.

Lower Coxbridge House, located three miles away from Glastonbury centre and with views of Glastonbury Tor is amazingly peaceful and healing. This time E, Elijah, Eben and I stayed in one of the three yurts with views of the Tor from the massive bed where we slept cuddled together enjoying the outdoors experience. I loved the opportunity to go feral, and Elijah certainly loved this too; no shoes, earth under our feet, showering in the outdoor showers with views of the Tor, standing naked in the sunshine, not a soul around to see you.

Then there were the evening stars, seeing the sliver of the waxing moon, witnessing the most stunning sunsets and evening skies, and a huge thunderstorm with sheet lightening and torrential rain overnight while we huddled in our yurts and those staying in the house looked on and saw out yurts lit by the lightening, as if they were a light themselves. The light and the love is pretty special at Lower Coxbridge House.

It’s a special spot designed and built with love. Roses spread their love through their petals in bud and fallen to the Earth, and the horses grazing in the field with a wisdom that you can sense in their eyes. You don’t really need to go anywhere else, surrounded by nature, you’re beautifully held by this magical space. The house itself is welcoming with its rustic charm, and time undoubtedly slows down.  

The yoga was ace.  I love yoga. I love teaching yoga and sharing yoga and I love doing this especially where the energy is so clean. With only nine ladies in the class there was plenty of opportunity for channelling Reiki to each of them while they practiced, and witnessing the tension drop away over the weekend as their inner Goddess shone a little brighter too.

Chanting the Gayatri Mantra along to Deva Premal’s rendition on her CD, “Embrace”, I had tears in my eyes as my heart opened with the memories of chanting this beautiful mantra in other places in the world with other beautiful souls and I was overcome with a deep sense of there being no time or space and deep gratitude too for all the teachers who have taught me and supported the yoga journey.

And as for Glastonbury, wow. E and I dipped semi-naked into the White Spring on the new moon, re-birthing, and again the next day naked this time with two friends, women together facing our fear of the cold and the darkness and laying ourselves bare. We trekked up the Tor twice and chilled in Chalice Wells drinking the iron water from the mouth of the Lion. We shopped for crystals, Elijah choosing them and their meaning appropriate as always.

The food on the retreat was sublime, prepared with love by Olga, a beautiful Spanish lady with a passion for raw food and its healing properties. Never has a dairy, gluten and refined sugar free chocolate “cheese” cake tasted so amazing, let alone the fresh juices served at breakfast and the yummy salads.

The Goddess was smiling on us in Glastonbury there is no doubt.  She was weaving her magic and bringing us home to ourselves. I gave thanks in the Goddess Temple before being drawn to Wildwood, a beautiful shop with a very strong energy, and in there I found myself a Goddess statue for my altar at home. She brings love and creativity, and reminds me to return.

I’m so grateful to the Goddess and to Glastonbury for helping my heart to heal and to the beautiful ladies for sharing with me and us flying as we did together, and to my little family for flowing with it and to Sarah for making it all possible, and Olga for nourishing us. I was inspired and enlivened by the whole experience and shall return again soon. It nourishes the soul. With love and gratitude. x