Happy Summer Solstice!


I know I'm biased but that was an AMAZING solstice!

It started early as I joined my soul friend Chris at 5am for a swim at Fermain Bay and out to the ledge at the corner of the bay to be able to see the sun rising above Herm.  Here on the ledge Chris and I practised some sun salutations in honour of the sun, what bliss, especially as it was big and red rising in front of us!

We swam across the Bay to the cliff and a waterfall with fledging seagulls and their mothers getting super excited so that we swam back to shore.  We sat in the morning sunlight at the corner of the beach on our own enjoying the sun rise and sharing quotes.  What a way to begin the morning!

That evening we joined together for a fabulous yoga class in my parents' garden surrounded by nature and with the sun dropping behind us.  We were encouraged to offer our practice as a way of saying thank you for all that we are and have achieved during the light part of the year. and all we have yet to achieve.

It was hot, like high twenties, which is hot for Guernsey and I was certainly feeling it, positioned as I was facing the sun.  Still it was a magical class and lovely to share yoga like this on such stunning day,

Following the class the majority of students stayed on to join us around the stone circle, which my sister in law, Star, and I had consecrated the night before,

Here on the Solstice we joined around the fire and I handed out rosemary, which we all threw on the fire as a symbolic way of letting go of those things we no longer want in our lives - "oh my gosh, is there enough rosemary" one lady commented!

After this, we each lit candles to represent the light and all we wished to bring into our lives over the next six months.  I then invited everyone to blindly choose a crystal from the crystal bag, the solstice choice of quartz, Citrine or Rose quartz, 

Together we enjoyed Shamanic drumming courtesy of Stu Ogier and some crudités and home-made humus courtesy of my Mum.  We also got to`enjoy Natasha's handmade head garland, seasonal in her homeland of Russia, thank you! 

We shared angel cards too and there were cuddles for Eben and dancing for Star and I.

Thank you to everyone who made this such a special and memorable solstice, may this be the first of many ahead and let's get into that stone circle more often please

Love xxx


Love xx