Warning! Litter Rant.

It's hot here in Guernsey and my pitta is aggrieved and I can feel a rant coming on...

I've just been for a 20-minute evening walk through the beautiful lanes in the centre of the Island where I live and managed to collect all this litter.  Poor Mother Earth!

I'm just thinking. Now I wonder if there's a correlation between the people who think it's ok to litter Mother Earth with rubbish, being ok with also littering their bodies and minds with rubbish.  or to put it another way, those who have such little respect for Mother Earth, might also, possibly, have little respect for themselves. It's obviously not for me to judge but just a thought.

I guess the important thing is that someone picks up the rubbish. Now this isn't a preach but I know how easy it is to see rubbish and go through a thought process which justifies the many reasons that you might not pick it up (it's dirty, you don't have a bag, someone else will do it etc etc ) and just walk on by ignoring it.  

Well hey, how's about we all just get on down and pick it up. We can;t expect everyone else to be the change we want to see in the world, if we aren't prepared to be that change too.  So here's my thing.  Take a bag out with you when you go walking or to the beach and pick up the rubbish, cleanse Mother Earth, clear her of the (mainly) plastic debris and enable her to breathe more easily.

The magical thing is that she'll thank you. Honestly.  If you don't do it already then give it a try, and encourage your children to do it too.  Let's help Mother Earth with our own hands, and be that change.

Rant over!