Happy Winter Solstice!


Happy winter solstice!

Next year I'd love to be at Newgrange in the Boyne Valley, Ireland, where there's the 5,000 year old neolithic tomb famous for its winter solstice illuminations, which lights up the passage and chambers at sunrise for 17 minutes. This year I did glimpse sunrise from the air, while returning from a cheeky solstice-eve trip to Glastonbury - enjoy the return of the light my friends. x

Winter Solstice - Poem by Anonymous

When you startle awake in the dark morning
heart pounding breathing fast
sitting bolt upright staring into
dark whirlpool black hole
feeling its suction

Get out of bed
knock at the door of your nearest friend
ask to lie down ask to be held

Listen while whispered words
turn the hole into deep night sky
stars close together
winter moon rising over white fields
nearby wren rustling dry leaves
distant owl echoing
two people walking up the road laughing

Let your soul laugh
let your heart sigh out
that long held breath so hollow in your stomach
so swollen in your throat

Already light is returning pairs of wings
lift softly off your eyelids one by one
each feathered edge clearer between you
and the pearl veil of day

You have nothing to do but live