Crown Charka - Sahasrana


VIOLET WHITE: the purest symbol of light and life.

Sahasrana, like Ajna, is beyond the considerations of the body.  It opens when all the other Chakras are in balance.

This Chakra represents knowing your true path and living your life accordingly.  It is far removed from the root Chakra’s will to survive.  Some people describe the opening of the crown Chakra as a surrender to the Divine will, or being as one with the Universe.  The ego withers and is replaced by a universal consciousness.

The crown Chakra sees life entirely from a spiritual perspective.  When it is closed or there is a block, there is a refusal to engage in or even believe in the spiritual. This complete denial can often lead to arrogance and materialism.

Because the crown Chakra gives life meaning, your life generally takes a completely new direction when it is open.  And that direction comes from a new sense of purpose: the purpose of life and of your soul.  By honouring your true self, you love and honour the rest of creation.  This Chakra sees through the delusions of the ego and views them and the rest of life with a certain detachment.  It creates an inner calm that often draws others to you.

The crown Chakra is on top of the head – in newborn babies this spot is called the fontanel, or the soft spot.  By opening yourself up to the spirit of creation, you learn your true purpose, you receive guidance on your spiritual path and you are able to recognise soul mates.  Often you see the world through new eyes, viewing it with a sense of wonder that you last knew when you were a child.

You begin to understand that life is glorious just the way it is, that everybody is where they are at right now because – consciously or unconsciously – they chose to be there, in that very place, in that very position.  Everything is perfect – it can’t be any other way. With peaceful serenity others will be drawn to you in the midst of their own struggles and from this vantage point you may well be able to see the bigger picture for them and be able to support and guide them without getting emotionally involved.

You are deeply connected to the Divine and you know that this is what physical life is all about, the cut and thrust, there are no accidents, if people wanted to lead different lives then they would be leading them, everyone is free to choose, only most people don’t know it.  And whether we recognize it or not, we all yearn for oneness with the Divine and, through the crown Chakra, we may sometimes make that ultimate connection.

To energise this Chakra, eat all the colours of the spectrum type foods, preferably raw and 70% water content.  Plus you could wear white and bring white flowers into your life, or hold crystal quartz.

In terms of yoga, if you can sit in lotus then do so, but if not sit however is comfortable for you. Close your eyes and meditate on your breath.  Notice the breath going in and the breath going out and every time you notice that you have started thinking, say to yourself, "thinking" and gently bring your awareness back to your breath. And again when you notice that you have started thinking, say to yourself "thinking" and gently draw your awareness back to your breath.

There are many other things you can do to deepen your connection to the Divine -  visit spiritual places like Cathedrals and churches and sit silently and feel the energy, or touch the stones and feel their energy.  You can do the same with standing stones or other forms of Pagan worship.  Take yourself to somewhere peaceful in nature and sit silently and feel the energy be that a Mountain, a river, a beach or in the middle of rural fields.

One of the best ways to connect with the Divine and open your crown Chakra is through prayer. My life changed considerably, in a much more positive, supported and soulful way when I began to pray in earnest. I'm not religious as such but I recognise the Divine in all life. We are all Divine Beings and recognising this not only provides much comfort but allows one to know the oneness and connection of all life. Its simple!


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