Healing with crystals

I am absolutely passionate about crystals and am always keen to share them with others. I was initially introduced to crystals many years ago now by my Reiki Master who was a big fan and had them placed in every room of her house.  To be honest I cannot believe it took so long for them to appear in my life.

We studied crystals during our Reiki 2 training and very soon they started to appear around my house too.  In fact these days we have them in every room in the house, I even have a few in my car and I never travel without a few in my bag.  I also wear them as much as I can, selecting those that resonate with my mood.

We even place them in plant pots to help energise the plants and assist their growth - Mum and Dad even have them in the greenhouse.They are magical and I am always keen to give crystals to others so that they too, can be touched by their healing and transformative qualities.

Crystals and frequencies

We live in a world of constant vibration, intelligent vibration actually, because everything that exists is really energy information, or energy in-formation – vibration.

These vibrations form matter, substance or intangible things.  The key frequency of vibration of an object or an animal is known as its resonant frequency.  Vibrating or oscillating systems will absorb energy if the energy is delivered in the resonant frequency.

Although they may seem like inert objects crystals are very much alive, they are both filled with energy and are conduits of energy – that is one of the reasons crystals are used in watches, radios and modern medical devices.

Crystals amplify their own energy as well as the Divine universal energy, which we already know as Ki, Chi, Prana, Love and Reiki.  Crystals have been used for healing since before Egyptian times.  With advances in geology and quantum physics, the structure and energy of crystals is beginning to be understood. 

Like human beings that vibrate on their own individual frequency crystals vibrate on their own individual frequency.  We have all had the experience of meeting a perfect stranger and either liking that person immediately or feeling an antipathy towards them – without in any way being able to explain our feelings or emotions – well that is all down to the resonance of vibration.

Choosing crystals

Crystals should be chosen in the same way.  It is important that the crystals, which we choose and use should vibrate on a frequency as close as possible to that of our own.  Individual methods of choosing crystals may vary from person to person but would normally include:-

  • Close your eyes and quietly meditate for a few moments.  Then open your eyes and pick up the first crystal to which your eye becomes naturally drawn.
  • Run one of your hands over all the crystals available for selection.  You will soon discover that one will cling to your hand – this is your crystal.
  • Intuitively you will “know” which crystal you should choose and which is right for you.  You may feel as if the crystal is vibrating and sense that the crystal is saying ‘choose me, I am yours’.  Or you might sense or even “see’” a strong crystalline light radiating from the crystal and attracting you like a magnet.  Sometimes you will feel as if the crystals are actually choosing you!
  • If you have experience in dowsing then you will be able to select the most appropriate crystal by using your dowsing techniques.

Should you wish to choose a crystal for a friend, follow the same guidelines as if you were choosing a crystal for yourself but visualise as strongly as possible a picture of your friend within your mind’s eye.  With a little practice you will soon realise that it is very easy to select a crystal for any of your friends.

Cleansing/energising crystals

 Having chosen your crystal it is now important that you cleanse it.  Crystals often attract all kinds of energy vibrations both negative and positive.  Remember that your crystal may have travelled many thousands of miles and been handled by many people before you received it.  Therefore your crystal may have acquired some negative energies. 

It will not come as a surprise to you, therefore, that before you start to use your crystal it is very important that you remove all of these negative emotions and vibrations and re-energise it before you begin to use your crystal for healing purposes.  This is to ensure that only the most natural and pure energies remain within your crystal.  Choosing how and when a crystal needs cleansing is a personal decision as is the time required for cleansing.  Be mindful of cleansing crystals after each client to release any energy residue.

There are several ways to cleanse crystals including placing them in sea salt, or in a natural water source (sea, stream, river), burying them in the earth, infusing them with sunlight or moonlight (particularly on a full moon), or holding them in your hand and setting your intention that they be cleansed by Reiki. Be careful if you cleanse them at the beach, I almost lost quite a few sinking in the sand of a rock pool once!

Crystals and colour

Another of the great things about crystals is their colour.  Colour, through crystals, can be used to rebalance diminished chakra energies.

Putting the elements of natural earth product, colour and light together, we begin to see the mechanism by which crystals can help us to heal.  It is said that there are almost 50,000,000,000 vibrations per second in the human body.  Here are some examples of some individual body ‘parts’:

Blood – 82,500 million v.p.s.

Lungs – 67,250 million v.p.s.

Ear – 47,750 million v.p.s.

As the number of vibrations is so high a unit of 10 million vibrations per millimetre was established by Jonas Angstrom an astronomer and physicist, just over a hundred years ago.  It is called the Angstrom Unit and has simplified the calculations of cosmic energy vibrations. 

Colours are a woven network of vibrations and converted to Angstrom Units, the following are the colours of the chakras;

Base chakra, red, 8,000AU

Sacral chakra, orange, 6,500AU

Solar Plexus, yellow, 6,000AU

Heart chakra, green, 5,000AU

Throat chakra, blue, 4,750AU

Third eye, Indigo, 4,500AU

Crown chakra, white, 2-4,000AU.

Essentially crystals are a combination of colour and light therapy sending out the vibrational rate equivalent to their colour. Various types of crystals and gemstones are said to have special and subtle energy and healing properties.  Certain crystals, most notably quartz, are also thought to be subtle energy amplifiers.

Healing with crystals

The simplest method of using crystals for colour healing (emphasis on resonant frequency) is probably the chakra layout pattern, which involves lying in a supine position on your back and placing the 7 different coloured stones on the 7 corresponding chakra centres of the body.  It is suggested that you rest with the crystals in this position for a period of 15 to 45 minutes, but as with everything, it is best to use your intuition.

The following are examples of crystals that relate to your energy centres and what their properties are:

Clear quartz – crown chakra – this is the most powerful healer.  It generates electromagnetism and dispels static electricity.  It connects the physical dimension with the mind and will also stimulate the immune system.

Amethyst – third eye – this is a powerful healer and protector that can enhance psychic abilities and spiritual awareness.  It calms the mind and can enhance meditation and visualisation, relieving physical and emotional pain.

Blue Lace Agate – throat chakra – this calms, cools, lifts thoughts and will work on the throat, heart, third eye and crown to encourage attunement.  It is used to treat arthritis and strengthens the skeletal system.  You can also use Lapis Lazuli

Jade – heart chakra – this crystal is a symbol of purity and serenity and it will release negative thoughts and soothe the mind.  It will aid in emotional release and helps to remove toxins and thus heal.  You can also use Aventurine.

Rose quartz – this is the crystal of unconditional love.  It will heal and open the heart, calming, reassuring and giving deep inner healing.  It aids in self-trust and self-worth, teaching us how to love oneself by encouraging self-forgiveness and acceptance.

Yellow Jasper – solar plexus – this protects us during spiritual work and physical travel.  It will channel positive energy and energise your endocrine system, it will also help you to overcome exhaustion and revitalise you.  You can also use Citrine. 

Carnelian – sacral chakra – this grounds and anchors us to our present surroundings, improves analytical abilities, clarifies perception, motivates in business and will dispel apathy.  It has the capacity to cleanse other crystals, heal lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis and depression.

Red Jasper – root chakra – this grounds energy and rectifies unjust situations, also aiding in dream recall.  It will strengthen the circulatory system.

Enjoy your crystals and share them with others as they do really enhance life.


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