Make a list of things that make you happy

I came across this fabulous quote from Project Happiness, which reads:

"Make a list of things that make you happy.

Make a list of things you do every day.

Compare the lists.

Adjust accordingly"

I love it!

It reminds me of doing some cognitive behavioural therapy ("CBD") quite a few years ago now.  I had managed to get myself sick from working 7 days a week teaching yoga and channelling Reiki full time and I was exhausted.  That was back in the days where I was incapable of saying "no" and was completely put everyone else and their needs before my own.  It was perhaps no surprise that I ended up with adrenal exhaustion and from that depression and anxiety.

The depression I was used to, but the anxiety was new to me, and was really a result of living on empty, the adrenals were shot and with that my endocrine system was out of balance, so it is no surprise I was feeling out of balance and on edge and ever so sensitive too. 

I took time out and did quite a lot of gardening to get my hands in the earth, and did a lot of swimming in the sea to cleanse my aura plus I had quite a few treatments on myself, and saw my homeopath and did some CBD.

The CBD was amazing as it made me realise that my life was full of lists of things I needed to do and I wasn't doing much that made me happy other than teach yoga, but because I was teaching so much of it my passion had started to become all consuming work and I felt I was churning it out and losing a little of my heart and soul in the process.

How refreshing to give myself permission (and yet how difficult too when you are so used to outing others first, it is very difficult to then start putting yourself first) to do the things I enjoy, like reading and writing, sunsets and sunrises, walking and cycling, listening to music and dancing,  and all those things that make my heart and soul shine.

It is good to have the reminder from time to time.  Life has changed significantly for me since that time, my mind has changed a great deal too  so making time for the things that make me happy comes a little more naturally. But it is still good to have the reminder. 

I have found that having Elijah has made it easier somehow, not initially perhaps, what with the demands of babies and the limited time for doing anything on your own, but as they become more interested so life becomes more interesting.

And while it has been an ongoing awareness for me, "seriously, I get to spend an afternoon making sandcastles rather than working?!",  I am finally getting into the groove and loving it, the painting, tractor searching, sand castle making, these things make me happy, amazing!!  And if I am really lucky I get time to go for a walk or do some reading when he has gone to bed. 

It is amazing how it lifts one's spirits to do some stuff that makes you happy each day!

So make your lists and adjust accordingly.




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