Today is Samhain, which is rather exciting for those of us who follow the Celtic calendar as this is a time for new beginnings...the start of the Celtic New Year.  I know I shall be giving some thought to my intentions for the year ahead and giving thanks to the sun and the moon and the earth and the Divine Goddess. So happy Samhain everyone, enjoy the chaos!

Here is some further information about Samhain courtesy of Lady Sabrina in her book, "Exploring Wicca": "Samhain, which means, "end of the summer", is celebrated on October 31. It is the end of the agricultural season and the beginning of the Celtic year. Samhain is the festival of the dead. The day was Christianised when the day that follows was designated All Soul's Day or All Saints' Day. This is a time of chaos and the reversal of normal order; endings and beginnings occurring simultaneously.
For our ancestors, Samhain was when the majority of the herd were butchered, pro...viding food for the winter months. Salughter, barren earth, and decreasing daylight made the concept of death an ever-present reality. Because of this, Samhain has always been considered a time when the veil between the worlds was thin, a night of magick charms and divination, when the dead could be easily contacted.
On an individual basis, this is the time to rest and re-evaulate your life and goals. Now is when you want to get rid of any negativity or opposition that may surround your achievements or hinder future progress. Samhain should have seen the accomplishment of your desires, and now you need to stabilise and protect what you have gained. This is important because it is impossible to concentrate, let alone ut energy into new gols, if what you have is not secure."

With gratitude


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