The angels


We have all heard of angels right, but how many of us actually embrace the angels in our loves?

Well to be honest until 12 years ago, I doubt very much I gave much thought to angels, other than to bemoan the fact that I clearly didn't have any in my life because life always seemed like such a struggle.

And then I met Ally, my Reiki Master and very good friend, and this all changed.  She turned up at a yoga class I had started attending and advertised a new meditation class she was starting.  I had wanted to get into meditation so I dragged my boyfriend at the time along with me.  There were only 3 of us at that first session, my boyfriend, me and another lady who later would also become a good friend.

I remember that we got to lay down on the floor because I remember my boyfriend commenting that he was happy coming along with me each week for GBP5 because it meant he could havea snooze!  At the end of the session, Ally and the other lady started swinging pendulums and talking about crystals, which was certainly a new thing for me at that time, before bringing out the angel cards. 

Now my boyfriend was fairly easy going about all this but the combination of pendulums, crystals and angel cards sent him into a bit of a spin and I can still remember him laughing all the way home.  Angel cards indeed!! But the angel cards had a huge impact on me, because they always seemed so appropriate. 

I started having Reiki sessions with Ally and the stuff she "picked up" from a session really helped me to heal and open my life to a new world of potential and possibilities.  Each session always followed with an angel card and these spookily reinforced our chatter, and was invaluable - for me - in assisting with the healing process.  Sometimes the best healing happens when you feel that someone is properly listening - here Ally and the angels!

Over the years my angel cards have been a source of great comfort for me, they provide invaluable feedback in terms of how I am living my life, so that they have helped me to connect more, and trust in, my heart and indeed my intuition.  I have travelled with them around the world, and lately Elijah helps me to pull them.

More importantly perhaps the angel cards have helped me to strengthen my connection to the angels themselves.  We have all sorts of angels in our lives, and whether we recognise them or not I guess is neither here nor there, although recognising them, does help us to be a little more gracious for their help.

I have a number of regular Earth angels helping me out, and then there are those other angels who just crop up and then they are gone.  I will never forget arriving into Tokyo on my own, not understanding a word of the language, not having a clue where I needed to go and here I was at a train station with people rushing all around me, and I needed to find a particular train and out of the crowds this older Japanese man appeared, like the angel he indeed was, and approached me and calmed me and led me to where I needed to go and then he was gone.  I have never forgotten how much he just appeared at my side when I needed him.

Another incident that I shall never forget, took place about 5 years ago now, when I was travelling around the world and was in Byron Bay, Australia.  Ewan and I were on a break at the time and it felt like my heart had literally broken.  I was really sad and miserable and just kept bursting into tears for no apparent reason. I was corresponding with my cousin by email and I could tell she was worried about me and she asked me to try and remember 5 good things that happened each day and to let her know.

Well that same day, I was sitting on the beach just before sunset, feeling desperately alone and unloved and dejected and was having a bit of a lost faith in the world and the angels and everything in fact and along came a dog and literally kissed me on the lips.  It was the strangest thing, and I remember telling my cousin about this later that evening and she responded telling me it was one of my angels, and it dawned on me that she was right, because that action changed everything for me, it re-installed my faith and made me appreciate that there is a rationale to the process, even if we do not understand it at the time!

Over the years it has become normal for me to pray to the angels and give thanks to them and express my gratitude each day, and of course to ask for their help and their guidance when needed and for signs to light the path.

It is amazing what happens when you do ask.  All of a sudden you will start seeing signs of them everywhere. You will notice white feathers suddenly appearing in random places, or robins will come into your life or you will see coins. All of this stuff is the angels way of trying to get your attention and to make you aware that they are there to help you...but you have to don't forget to ask...

And when you do ask...well look out for the assistance that comes to you.  It will rarely be in the way you expect, but you may find that a book jumps off the shelf at you, or a new job opportunity appears, or perhaps you get stuck in traffic which makes you late, but because you are late you bump into someone who brings you an answer to your prayers, or a study course will drop into your mail box, or a song comes on the radio and the words are meant for you (pay attention to songs that come into your world when you have asked for help) or you notice the same thing three times (there is no such thing as a coincidence where the angels are concerned).

And please do not forget to ask the parking angels to help you find a parking space - just make sure you ask when you are leaving really works....but you have to ASK for HELP.

Here is an angel card for us all now...

Omega - "Victory! Your desire is coming to fruition, keep up the good work!"

Congratulations! You have chosen to follow your Divine Guidance, and the Universe is flowing in natural rhythm with your decision. When you listen to the messages that your heart whispers, you swim in natural synchronicity with the tide of your life's purpose. Stay relaxed and confident, and keep moving forward with happiness and grace.

if along the way, you notice problems occurring, then it's time to stop and center yourself. When problems occur, it simply means that you're temporarily out of sync with he Universe's rhythms. There is no need for analysis or shame when this occurs. Simply pray or meditate, breathe deeply, and wait until you feel strongly about your next move. Your victory is inevitable in this situation, so you needn't worry that temporary problems will thwart your desire. Whatever happens is supposed to happen, and when it happens is the correct time. Release your doubts to Heaven, and rest assured that a happy outcome is yours".

If you think this all sounds a little crazy, well perhaps just notice the feathers and have a go at asking for help yourself!





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