Ibiza, the spiritual Isle

We have just returned from an amazing trip to Ibiza.  Wow, what an Island.  Funny as I never in a million years thought it was the kind of place that I would enjoy visiting as it has always conjured up images of twenty four seven partying - and that does happen on Ibiza, it is renowned for its clubbing scene after all - but it so much more than that.

We were blessed on this trip though really, with a fabulous apartment in a quiet area of the West coast overlooking the sea on one side and the hills on the other. We just loved it, I couldn't get enough of the views, waking up with the sea glistening at me through the window, just incredible.

The Island has a wonderfully chilled ambiance, with warm hearted locals who just couldn't do enough for us and simply adored Elijah, that little boy was very much fussed over, the ladies just couldn't help squeezing his chubby cheeks and stroking his legs - honestly if the world was full of ladies like this, then the world would be a much happier place!

Each day we ate the tastiest cherries and strawberries and the freshest of salads, enjoying the views from the balcony and introducing Elijah to his much loved sunflower seed Pipas (bread sticks) which he ate all by himself, this baby led weaning malarkey really taking off during the week. 

We relished the pool at the apartments, Ewan has been attending swimming lessons with Elijah so they practiced their kicky-kick-kick, while I made the most of the opportunity to indulge in two of my favoured past times - swimming and lying in the sun reading!  Well there are others of course, swimming in the sea, and we managed that every day too, always on a different beach.  Typically we found the most amazing beach we have come across for some time, a tip off from a local, the day before we were due to leave...always the way!!

I indulged in yoga too, but my gosh what a mission this was.  Still, as is always the case, attending drop-in yoga classes at different places around the world, always takes you off the beaten trail, which is one of the reasons Ewan is always so supportive of me getting to classes when we are away.  This was certainly no different in Ibiza just that we were beaten twice - we just could not find the yoga centres on the first try and I guess there is a reason for that!!

We did find the Pink Elephant - La Galerie Elefant - which was a lovely little studio in a quieter area of the Island and I enjoyed a class with Camille who was on a teacher training course and covering the class for the teacher trainer herself, Jacqueline, who I had hoped to meet as she is Jivamukti trained. Still I do believe we are led where we need to be and Camille is lovely and I enjoyed two classes with her.

On our last day we finally found The Garden of Joy, where Jacqueline is based and this was certainly inspiring, set in a truly beautiful area of the Island, with the beautiful local based beaches nearby and a lovely little town area down the road with a fabulous café where Ewan and Elijah chilled out while waiting for me after their walk up the hill!  How I long to immerse my soul once again in the yoga world like this, at one with nature and that wonderful yoga ambiance as I have done so many times before.  The energy is just so different back at home in Guernsey! 

There is no doubt that Ibiza is healing, regardless of what you are doing there, it just has that energy. It was really hot in the sun, upper twenties, early thirties but this helps to slow things down a little, and then with all that beautiful sunshine and the salty quality of the sea (I mean saltier than I am used to swimming in), let alone the pine trees and the 3rd most powerful magnetic rock in the world (we swam just in front of this), well it all helps to create some magic.  The trip was magic.  Life felt magic.  Faith restored.  Clarity experienced.  My heart felt alive again.  I hadn't realised how much my soul was yearning for this time.

And what a joy, such a joy, to spend time with Ewan and Elijah like this, to do our thing, to laugh, joke, have fun together, to dream, to dance, to watch sunset from Café del Mar, to drink wine and enjoy dinner, to play, to go with the flow and just be...to remind ourselves how life should be...love, love, love.

Thank you to everyone, all those lovely and wonderful Spanish people for sharing the love with us this last week.  And thank you to the angels for making our trip to special and at just the right time x

With love and gratitude.


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