Practice, practice, practice

I have just had the most amazing weekend, immersing myself in my greatest passion in life, yoga!  My Dad thinks I am crazy, that I choose to spend my spare time going to yoga classes, because isn’t teaching it enough?!  Well of course teaching yoga is very special, but so too is getting to a class and focusing on my own practice in a very different way to just practicing on my own at home.

Saturday, I began the morning with a short home yoga practice while Ewan took Elijah to his weekly swimming lesson, before teaching my Saturday morning class, all ladies this week, and the dedicated ones too, well those that weren’t recovering from the excesses of Liberation Day in any event!

And from there time to feed my baby before joining the restorative/pregnancy class at St Martin’s community centre as part of the health day to fundraise for the Sarah Groves Memorial Charity.  It was wonderful really, to just focus on my breath with gentle movement to restore energy to body, mind and soul.  Oh yes, how much we should all do this, at least once a week – I felt like I was floating my way to town with Elijah and Ewan for a visit to Costa afterwards. 

We went back again a few hours later so I could join the baby yoga class with Elijah.  We have started attending baby yoga again with Anita recently; sadly we had to stop when I went back to work.  This class was a little different but fun all the same, although with his teething and afternoon tiredness, Elijah was a little more fractious than usual and we ended up sitting and feeding in the end. 

Ewan, Elijah and I went down to the beach after then, Petit Bot for a high tide tea time swim.  We are trying to increase the time we spend in the sea and these day we have to take it in turns to go in so that someone is always on shore with Elijah – well it is more than that, generally Elijah has to be held.  Yes, despite all good intentions of not having him attached to us, he does exactly that.  While other babies will happily sit in their pushchairs, heck even be pushed in their pushchairs, Elijah likes to be held in our arms, or in the forward facing sling, so he can see what is going on.  He is a sticky beak! 

In any event down at the beach and in the sea we are now up to 2.5 minutes each, and now I know that that does not sound like a long time, but honestly, when you are in the sea, rough sea too, and on your own, well that is quite some time, but oh my gosh it does make you feel so very alive, cold to the bone and invigorated from the inside out! 

On Sunday I was fortunate to get to another yoga class, Hot Yoga this time at the Grande Mare.  A little reminiscent of Bikram and yet different, thankfully not so hot, and a little more forgiving!  Well saying that, my legs certainly know that they are alive this evening, invigorated indeed! And all this was finished off with a Reiki session, me giving, while my lovely boyfriend kindly entertained our beautiful little boy – I am blessed indeed.

I just LOVE practicing yoga, joining classes, helping to create that beautiful group energy, grounding, cleansing, energising, centring, just being present to the breath and to the body. Wow, it just helps to make me feel so much better about everything, there is so much more clarity, strength and inspiration.  Everyone should practice yoga, although I do appreciate that we all find our nirvana in different ways! 

It is all just marvellous; honestly it is, thank you to all the students who just brighten my days with their passion, dedication and commitment to yoga, let alone that beautiful group energy that lifts me three times a week.  Truly, teaching yoga has to be one of the best jobs in the world – not that it is a job, more of a privilege really. And also to get to classes with others too, such a privilege, I am so thankful for that opportunity. 

Happy practicing! 

With much love and gratitude. 


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