For the first time ever I forgot my password.  I forgot quite  a lot tonight.  Someone said us yoga teachers are magic.  I say not, only Coldplay are magic. Seriously. Inspired genius.  Oh my gosh, there are times like this where I want to float on that life raft from A to B, and cuddle back again. I love you darling Ewan, darling Elijah, you are both ALWAYS in my head.

We fall apart for those we love.  I have done that many times, because each time we are broken and we fix ourselves, well we become stronger.  Seriously. We fall apart.  And then we build ourselves up again...darling we go again.

True, true, true, and yes ever so magic too...

I love, I love, I love you.  I really do love you.

Please fine the Nigerian girls.



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