Better again!

We are better.  Hooray.  I credit getting in the sea and taking Potter's herbal remedies. This stuff is just amazing, it really works!! It has been around since 1812 (I think), and is full of natural goodness, I will certainly be using this in the future (should it ever be needed).  As for the sea, well this is good for the soul as much as the sinuses, and it is getting warmer now too, honestly!

All this illness is interesting, as it does make you slow down a little, which is one of the reasons we get sick I guess, trying to do too much in the first place!! And it makes you take better care of yourself too. Anything really, to get rid of the blasted common cold!

So I am getting really excited about the release of Coldplay's new album.  I have been listening to an interview with Chris Martin, which has been really interesting, to gain a little more of an insight into the spirit of this man, who writes the lyrics to songs with such heart-felt honesty and talks of being broken. I agree with him though, we are all a bit broken. I believe that it is by being broken that we can really connect with the essence of the soul.

We are so much more than we ever truly realise.  And each challenge that we face (for there are many) has the potential not only to make us stronger, but to make us more connected with the true self, to tap into our innate wisdom and allow expression of the spirit. I am certainly learning to embrace the challenges, and accept them as part of the process.

It is difficult not to let the spirit shine when the weather is as beautiful as it has been the last few days, wow, not only have we managed to get in the sea, but we have gardened and walked and just enjoyed being outside.  Long may it continue, it is just so refreshing to feel human again and Elijah has all his energy and wants to be on his feet all the time - yes my arms are aching!

He started swimming lessons with Daddy this week and he starts yoga with Mummy and the lovely Anita tomorrow, Mummy is very excited about that! Life feels so vibrant at the moment with all the energy of new life, and summer on its way, it is all so very exciting.

So on that note, best get off to play x