Hoorah for the full moon

What incredible weather we are experiencing here in Guernsey, such amazing Easter holidays for the children, not so for those of us in offices!!  Still the moon has also been an absolute delight, with a full on Tuesday in the early hours, which has been brightening our nights and pushing us along to be honest with ourselves - it is all about the balance!  I put my crystals outside to bathe in the moon's rays and energy, wow, they were sparkling the next day!

The good news is that there has been a healing. The combination of Reiki, acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition, colonic irrigation, yoga and sea swimming seems to have worked their magic. It is funny how many times I have been here, in a position where I need to heal myself -  it is an empowering experience to heal holistically, and I feel more me than I have done since giving birth to Elijah - the give away is the food I eat, the colours I seek and the crystals I wear.

We managed to get to L'Eree for an hour after work on Tuesday, how wonderful to sit on the beach with our little man and take it in turn to dip in the sea.  We traipsed around the reservoir later that evening, so beautiful at the moment with all the bluebells and primroses.  We live on a very beautiful Island and I feel most blessed.

So Elijah is still waking many times in the night but I am more accepting of this.  It is what it is and it is not going to last forever. He is such a shining light in my life and I am embracing all the night time cuddles.

These are happy times, long may they last. Thank you to all who have helped me come through the other side.

Happy Easter everyone!


Ross DespresComment