Healing thyself

Well I would love to say that Elijah is sleeping through the night but alas not.  Just coming up to 5 months and he has cut his first tooth and is teething his way through the next.  So unfortunately the night's are still fairly active with him feeding every 1.5-2 hours, I guess he needs the milk to grow his teeth!!

Some days are better than others, in terms of my ability to function while sleep deprived, it really is incredible how much it affects how you feel.  I do have to check in with myself a little more than usual just to check if my behaviour/feeling is truly validated or merely an over-reaction due to increased sleep deprived sensitivity.

I have been on a bit of a healing mission of late too.  I have an unexplained skin condition, which warrants referral to a skin specialist and Elijah has developed eczema all over his little body.  My skin condition first appeared in January and since that time I have tried all sorts of herbal remedies to clear it but without any success.  Two months in and the doctor prescribed antibiotics, which I was happy to take having tried all other options, but even they did not have much impact and instead left me feeling even more tired than I had felt previously.

I have seen my homeopath and we have been working with a remedy, which works different levels, so that I must admit I am feeling more "me" than I have felt in a long time - I do love homeopathy, such a gentle and yet powerful approach to healing.  I have seen Sophie Shand too and undertaken  food insensitivity testing, which showed I am insensitive to lots of things at the moment - quite scary to realise that most of one's diet is actually causing the immune system some strife, and yikes, I am even insensitive to dark chocolate, my saviour after all these sleepless nights of late!!!

So my diet has changed too.  Heck I even took Sophie's advice and had my first colonic irrigation session.  Now this is an interesting experience!!  I had a number of internal Ayurvedic treatments (Basti) a number of years ago now while undertaking a 10-day Ayurvedic cleansing programme in Nepal, but this was an entirely different experience, which did indeed leave me feeling incredible energised and clean.  I guess there is a lot to be said in terms of how the state of the colon (large intestine) affects the state of our health.

Ewan and I have been getting in the sea quite a bit too. Our beloved Petit Bot is not quite such an easy going swimming beach - the storms brought in a ton of large stones which make high tide swimming a little more challenging than in the past.  We have started going to Saints too, although the walk is not so easy going with Elijah in the push chair, at least not on the way back up that hill!!    I read something recently about how water is such a great healer - you cry it, bathe in it or drink it, all of which are meant to help keep us healthy.

I received a massage from the lovely Hayley at the weekend, in exchange for yoga - I do love the bartering system!  As for the treatment well that was rather wonderful, not least to have the tension massaged out of one's body but also to chatter spiritually.  Nothing quite like a good natter with like minded friends to raise the spirit and make one feel connected and inspired on the path. 

In any event, despite all my efforts (I haven't touched any dark chocolate since I saw Sophie!) I still have the skin condition, which is perplexing my challenging my ability to heal myself.  I must admit there is a part of me that wonders whether a good week of sunshine, outdoor living and a good ten hours sleep each night may solve the problem.  Who knows.  Well I am just hoping that the skin specialist knows because this healing oneself holistically does come cheap, what with treatments and supplements and potions and wheat-free, dairy-free and organic wholefoods.

Still it is all rather interesting for I am learning lots and no doubt I will have to bow down to the wonders of modern medicine once again, it seems I am fated this way this year!!  I guess one just has to accept and embrace help in whatever form it presents itself, be that holistic, medical or whatever else.  It is all about balance after all - as I am constantly reminded.  Oh and patience of course!!

Love and light and much laughter on this beautiful sunny day!!

Emma x
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