A matter of perspective

It is all a matter of perspective. 

I thought we were doing quite badly on the sleep front, until Elijah got sick.  And then I realised that we were actually doing ok, before that is, because now we are really not doing so well.  and the funny thing is, because I have accepted it, because I know that is how it is going to be,  because he is poorly and I am his Mummy and therefore I will do all I can for him...well I slept for maybe 3 hours on and off last night and yet I feel ok.

Poor little monkey has some baby bronchitis thing, I am so disappointed as I stupidly thought that by exclusively breastfeeding he would be free of all horrible bugs, but alas not.  I even ate red meat tonight in the hope that the iron may boost his immune system.  Horrible to see him poorly, and to know that I can't make it better for him.  Although I have practiced Reiki on him.

In fact I managed to fit in a Reiki session yesterday, my first treatment on someone since the beginning of March.  How wonderful not only the quiet time focusing on one's breath and the movement of energy, but also the joy of the Reiki energy.  Just such a gift, really, I just love the feeling it provides, the clarity, the intuition, the resonance.  Hoorah for Reiki!

But I guess Elijah is on his path, like all of us, and while I channel Reiki to him, he has to go through his stuff, poor little monkey.  We bought him a high chair today, wooden of course, and a walker thing, as his legs do not stop moving, only that he is too big for it! And on that note why on earth do all those baby things have to be so plastic?!

As for my healing, finally I got to the bottom of what has been bothering me and it is what I initially thought, which means that the intuition is always best - such a relief as I find it very frustrating when you know something is not right and you think you know why, but you cannot prove it...

But that is what it is all about, listening and trusting and following and being open and timing...and we got there in the end and hopefully my little boy will heal quickly and the we can go and enjoy a long walk together...because it is so beautiful out there, Spring has sprung and nature is looking beautiful is beautiful, blue bells, all that wild garlic (have you noticed how much this year?!), campions, violets, so beautiful - all those late evenings too.

So I guess I am reminded how everything changes and how much I shall relish the sleepless nights for all the cuddle they provide and how there is a yin to every yang and a joy to every sorrow.  and for now I just hope my little boy gets better.

Much love

Ross DespresComment