Sleep deprivation is a killer!!

I am exhausted.  Yes, a combination of the energy expanded on the yoga & wellbeing retreat, iron deficiency, travelling and the constant sleep deprivation due to Elijah's teething, mean that I am a walking zombie!  It has been a hard day indeed and I do wonder how people cope when they have twins or numerous children and have to continue working. 

Having Elijah has certainly made me a little more aware and indeed much more compassionate to the many roles that a working mother must play, juggling child care with the demands of the working world and having any time for oneself.  Fortunately Elijah sleeps each morning so I am able to practice and maintain my spiritual sanity, or grounding, or whatever you call it, time out for myself on my mat in silence if I choose without anyone demanding anything of me, phew, simple pleasures in life again!!

We have just returned from a fabulous trip to visit our friends on their farm in Normandy.  This is always fatal for me as I have to slow down a few notches and a few more after that and then all I want to do is sleep because it all catches up.  Only that when you have a 4.5 month baby, you can't necessarily sleep when you choose!

There is something wonderfully grounding about being on a farm in the middle of nowhere, miles away from the hectic pace of life back home, with that wonderful Normandy light and the joy of being surrounded by nature, so much nature, and trees and birds and the moon and the sky and all those wonderful elements that connect you to the earth.  Most definitely a time to breathe, to absorb and to heal.  Oh what a wonderful way to live, I am in awe of the life Tessa and Carl have created for themselves and their two children, out of the rat race.

Back here we are building up to the springing forward of time and the lighter evenings to bring life back into outdoor evening living, hoorah for late evening walks and swims in the sea and gardening and all the stuff that gets missed during the cosy winter months.  There is something very healing about being a little bit more in touch with nature and I could do with a bit of that.  It is a reminder, as always that life is a balance and that everything comes to pass.

On that note, time for bed, sweet dreams, another night full of potential for sleep!!

Love and light

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