Homeopathy is wonderful

Homeopathy is just incredible.  The world of healing is incredible. Admittedly the fall out from taking a remedy is never easy, the "stuff" has to bubble to the surface, it has to be lived...everything shatters to come back again, well the bits that need to come back that is.  And with that a healing occurs.

My shoulder pain has gone, seems it was a chip after all.  My skin has improved, the anger is no longer seeping out of me, unresolved issues now resolved, change has occurred - and of course change in life means a change is practice too.  It is hard to describe in words, to intellectualise, but everything appears the same, but feels different - body, mind and soul back together again and with that more humour, joy and presence...in the moment hoorah!!

I cannot recommend homeopathy enough, if you feel stuck or a little out of sorts, carrying an illness that won't go away, emotions burdening the immune system, no clarity, not managing to move yourself forward in life, well give Lea Powell a call and be prepared to heal. 

We had a wonderful weekend,  a healing one then.  I loved teaching on Saturday morning before we went for a swim in the sea in the bright sunshine, the only ones on the beach, so special, breastfeeding Elijah while sitting on the pebbles and taking in the new shape of the beach post-storms and everything looking a little different.  I actually stayed in the water for almost a whole minute, Ewan for two!!!  We spent the afternoon walking on the cliffs, enjoying the beginning of Spring, all those daffodils and primroses, just love it.

Sunday was more walking, so lovely to be able to get out in the fresh air, before more yoga, swimming and  dinner at my folks, thank you Mum, what a joy not to cook fir a day!!

Spring is certainly on its way, so exciting, Lakshmi shining brightly, hoorah for the beauty that surrounds us each day.

With much love and gratitude.

Ross DespresComment