Grace entering in

I am forever in awe of how life unfolds, the coincidences, or not, of how things come together with the power of clear intention.

I was reminded of this last weekend when we were in London on a family trip to treat Ewan's mum for her Christmas/birthday present.  I wasn't feeling my best - combination of hormones re-balancing, sleep deprivation and something playing on my mind, which meant I was also taking a homeopathic remedy - so it was with some joy that I got to spend the first evening walking from Kings Cross up to Primrose Hill with Elijah, on our own while Ewan and his Mum went to the opera.  Sometimes a good walk really does help to clear the head.

Sadly the walk didn't totally solve matters and that evening was not a great one for Elijah who woke every hour and by the morning I was feeling a touch shattered.  Still the highlight of that next day was the opportunity to practice Yoga at Triyoga in Primrose Hill.  The teacher invited us to make an intention for the class and I chose what felt right, but for the first time in a long, long time I found the class confronting for I was so tired that it really was an effort, and I felt that perhaps I had slipped backwards...which upon reflection, I had; my mind caught in the past and my body lost in time somewhere, spirit certainly not shining brightly.  But the class did of course encourage things to bubble closer to the surface...things the teacher said, poems read...funny how they all play a role in helping things become clearer.

We walked and walked that afternoon, along the canals to Little Venice, so beautiful, and then through Hyde Park and along South Bank before ending up in Covent Gardens for dinner, I just love rambling through London, so much to see and do. I was hoping that a day of activity would encourage Elijah to sleep better but sadly not, another sleep deprived evening left me feeling even more shattered the next day.

Still another highlight was a further class at TriYoga, another intention, this time to let go, surrender to it all and allow Grace to enter, wow, such power in any intention to let go.  Such a great class, incredible energy and teaching style, deep, deep into the hips and groins where all that emotion is held, a journey no less, as all good classes (for me) should be. So that at the end, lying in Savasana I had a release.  This hasn't happened for some time in a class, but the tears came and with that the beginning of the healing.

It takes a while of course for the healing to process.  I was all caught up in it the next day as the anger and frustration came to the surface, that's my story, the emotions that have defined me so much in the past, and up they come and out they ooze, the challenge not to get too attached to them or involved in them for really they are just passing through, and as they do, wow, the lightness as mind, body, soul come back together again and with that, the clarity and strength too.

Sometimes you have to break to be able to come back together again, and it is funny how things happen, the timing of people who come in and out of your life, the things that catch your attention, the readings, the crystals, the messages, they are all there, the angels work tirelessly in the background I have no doubt, and all I can do is bow down and give so much thanks for the manner in which Grace manifests.

Needless to say the shift in life brings a shift in my yoga practice too, the two are such a reflection of one another and I am so much enjoying embracing the new, inspired, devoted and much gratitude to Lakshmi, Goddess of beauty and abundance for shining the light so brightly in my face.

With much love


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